Singapore Trip 2022 Mega Post


(I think it is much better to do a one-time post, instead of the usual multiple posts in our previous trips. This way, I have everything in one go.)

Months before the pandemic began, we had travel plans that did not push through. We already booked tickets to Beijing and Phuket, but had to cancel these trips as I had to transition to a new role towards the end of 2019. We thought it would not be wise to go on leave when I barely started. So, au revoir tickets.

Then COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill.

A lot of travel plans were put on hold as we were all not sure what we were dealing with. Traveling surely was the last on everyone’s list. The young and old, healthcare workers and the common people were falling left and right like flies. It was a grim time.

First international travel in the (hopefully post) pandemic era.

First travel in the (hopefully post) pandemic era.

Even as the world began to open up last year after the vaccines started rolling out, we were still apprehensive to travel again. Earlier this year, however, we already began having more confidence. More people were doing it. The tourism sector, which took a big blow in the past 2 years, was also going to great lengths to gain the people’s confidence.

So, ready to fly? Yes? Yes!

Even back in 2021, we already knew that our first trip would have been to South Korea this July (i.e. inclusive dates from July 4 to July 11). We had to eventually reconsider this.

We have been to South Korea in September 2011, December 2012 and December 2016. Granted September was supposedly early autumn, it did not feel like it as it still felt like summer that time. The last two December stays were obviously winter. We thought that perhaps spring or autumn would have been better. Spring has already passed, but autumn this year sounded perfect to us.

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Update and Reset

It is almost the 6th month of the year, and nothing had taken place here since my holiday haiku. I’ve said this several times, but BUSY does not even begin to capture what these 5 months were. (Although, I have already updated my banner two weeks ago).

Before June starts tomorrow, I’d like to write a quick update.

Strike a pose inside the office

It has been 6 months since I started working with this team. They are undoubtedly the most intelligent and most down to earth people I have ever met. To think my two bosses have always been stellar scientists in the world, they still are as accessible, approachable, and not amiss with their funny bones.

The crazy bunch braving the Tagaytay weather in shorts (because we were supposed to swim in the sea, but I don’t know what happened while we were there LOL)

We have titles (I’m finally a manager from being an assistant), but, at least among us, we have a flat organization. All of us have no qualms with what needs to be done and I really enjoy our synergy. However, sometimes I feel bad that I had to draw my ‘manager card’ when dealing with people outside our group because only then they will move. It just feels wrong, in my opinion. *shrugs*

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Blinged out white: 2NE1’s “I Love You” performance on SBS Inkigayo

When I get to the point of being saturated with lots of choices, I tend to just stick to what I love and be done with it. The same thing goes for music. I try to listen to lots of new talents, but I always love a specific artist because he/she/they already is/are the embodiment of that particular vibe in my books. For KPop, 2NE1 now remains to be the only group I genuinely care about. It is only then rightful for me to have my first KPop post about these girls!

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