3rd Winter in South Korea 2023: Last day

So we have finally reached the end of this winter trip to Seoul.

We did not bother buying breakfast the night before, as we had decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s the following morning.

It rained for a bit, but it was only a couple of minutes before the sun shone again.

Good morning, Myeongdong!

Over breakfast, we were still planning what to do next so we can maximized the time before we checked out of the hotel, and continue our shopping again.

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3rd Winter in South Korea 2023: A Lovely Day for a KPop fan

It was our last full day, and a day we dedicated mostly to our KPop fan. Mon and I, of course, have always been fans, but perhaps not as ardent as when we used to be more than a decade ago.

Nevertheless, we were excited to accompany Lot in new places we have personally visited, despite this trip being out trip there.

But barely starting the day, another bickering happened again. And that time, due to the internet connection and a sim card.

Stairs going up to Myeongdong Cathedral

For some reason, they had been having difficulties connecting to the hotspot of my phone with an eSim. Apparently, it had been an issue since the first day, which made it difficult for them to browse when we were out and about.

Needless to say, we spend almost the first hour addressing that sim card issue, with us ending up buying a physical sim card from a convenience store — to think our first stop of the day was Myeongdong Cathedral.LOL Continue Reading

3rd Winter in South Korea 2023: Nami, Yonsei, Hongdae

It was our second full day in South Korea and we had Nami Island mostly in store for the whole day. It has been around 6 years the last time we were there on a winter, and our recollection of how to get there got rusty.

We were just there last autumn 2022, but it was a bit uncomfortable bus trip all throughout. This time, we decided to take several train transfer instead. Thank God for Google and the meticulous guides that gave us updated directions.

Still, we got a bit lost. How was that even possible? LOL

On our way to Cheongnyangni for Gapyeong

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3rd Winter in South Korea 2023: Welcome to SK, Lot!

Over the last couple of months, we had Lot to thank for. She had willingly obliged to look after the 3 cats, as she was conveniently working in the same city with us. Instead of having to board the 3, it will be less stressful to them compared to being just at home where they are most familiar.

In exchange (of the possible boarding cost), Mon and I agreed that it may be best to have her join us for our trip back in South Korea, now for winter.

We initially asked if she wanted to go to Singapore. But as it was her first time going out of the country, it would be better that she travels together with her brother. And as a big K-Pop and KDrama fan, what better place to visit than SK? (And we had a cousin of their look after the cats.LOL)

The line was long at the Cebu Pacific check-in

Our flight to Incheon was not due until around past 6 pm. Still we arrived very early at NAIA Terminal 3, so as not to take chances with the possible long lines in the check-in counter (Cebu Pacific’s online check-in was not working at the time), and the hit-or-miss immigration check queue.

Good thing we decided to do so as it took an hour and 15 minutes just to cross the immigration. By that time, people are grumpy, confused, and hungry after standing for a long time. That unfortunately made passengers more susceptible to look dubious, though.

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Our Decade Old Cat

And just like that, Miso turned 10!

We had at least 2 scares now regarding Miso: one in September, while the other during New Year. It was scary how each time, I feel like we are fighting against time to make sure her health concerns were addressed. The vet even explicitly mentioned the most recent one as a near miss.

Somehow, she is a survivor.

All for our senior cat? =)

Of course, she cannot eat these, as it is more symbolic more than anything else. Nevertheless, we got her (and Milky) a couple of why-are-you-so-expensive cans of Fancy Feast. After that, we had to go back to our special diet so her liver and kidneys do not overwork. (She is eating hepatic dry food from Royal Canin, now).

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Before 18

Nine years ago, I had posted a trip in Palawan with Mon’s family, and a Halloween Party where kids dressed up. Then the years flew by, and youngest in Mon’s family is now turning 18! She’s now turning 18! *insert shocked face*

Now I feel old.

I am not sure what the trend with their generation, Gen Z, is (now I sound real old, having to refer to another generation after mine), but she did not want to have any of those elaborate birthdays. Just a simple gathering with few of her friends and family members would do.

At the Salcedo Park

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First trip 2023. Third time SG.

When we went twice to Singapore last year, Mon shared if we could go back early in the 2023. He wanted to treat his parents to a quick vacation overseas, which would be their first ever trip out of the country. We thought of Hong Kong (which we have not visited since 2011), but the several testing requirements turned us off.

Nothing make’s a child more happy than to eventually have the opportunity to do this for their parents. So off to Singapore (again), we go!

At NAIA Terminal 1

Our flight to SG was around after dinner, but we reached the airport around 2:00 pm. Traveling has always been erratic, a hit or miss that one time, you clear everything in about an hour, then the next, it would take around three. We did not want to gamble and we’d rather that we arrive early and just wait it out.

We reached NAIA Terminal 1 with the check-in counters still closed, and we waited for the wall showing the flights to eventually show us where the counter would be. As soon as they announced where, we already queued despite it not being open within the next hour.

We were unsure how the immigration process would go for someone who’d be flying overseas for the first time. They, however, were asked only two questions: who they were traveling with, and when they are flying back.

After the security checks

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The Beginning

We have long decided that Mon and I were to spend New Year’s Eve at home after spending Christmas with his family. His family went north to Laoag to spend the New Year there. One thing we had to take note, though, was the logistics with our 3 cats.

We had some practice two Christmases ago, when we traveled to Marikina with the 3. It was not the most perfect set-up, but we managed to eventually get there in the end.

This time, the ride up the mountains was very smooth. There were also a lot of motorists who looked clearly amazed with the cats peeking through the window during the travel.

No joke traveling with 3 kitties

Bam at the veranda

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Full Blown Christmas, Finally

It’s Christmas! Yay! I always look forward to the end of the year festivities.

Mon and I had discussed weeks ago what our holiday festivities would look like. For Christmas Eve, we’ll have to spend it with his family and spend Christmas day with my family. Then for New Year’s Eve, it would be with my family as his family would be spending it in Laoag.

Christmas games

It was the first time that we’d be spending Christmas with his family, and it was a lot different than what we normally do. They had a lot of games leading up to midnight and had a mandatory coordinated outfit.

They also eat Noche Buena before 12:00 am, unlike us who eat exactly as it becomes 25.

After eating and as they open their gifts, I took the opportunity to call my family as well. I’d be spending the day after with them anyway.

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