DIY Project: Restoring a Vintage Dior

It has been a while since I last made a DIY project. It was six years ago to be exact when I had recolored a bag strap. I was just browsing when I suddenly thought of taking another stab restoring a vintage Lady Dior Shoulder Bag from 1997 stored inside the closet.

Before and after restoration - Vintage Christian Dior Patent Cannage Lady Dior Shoulder Bag

Before and after restoration of this vintage patent Dior

I first wrote about this back in 2012, when I had looked back at things that were destroyed by Typhoon Ondoy from 2009. All that was usable from this was the zipper pull. It was, I believed at the time, a lost cause.

Fast forward to around 2017, I tried restoring it using various leather dyes, including the Tarrago Color Dye I bought in June that year. It was a major fail. Before I even started, I have read a lot of information online how some people managed to do it. In my mind, those tricks would do the trick. But I ended up with something like this blotched patent leather.

Before the restoration - Vintage Christian Dior Patent Cannage Lady Dior Shoulder Bag

Before the restoration

Look at the botched patent cannage - Vintage Christian Dior Patent Cannage Lady Dior Shoulder Bag

Look at the botched patent cannage

Thus, for five more years, to the closet it went. Forgotten. I was tentative whether or not I should just throw it out. I, however, thought that I may have the courage again to attempt another restoration. If this won’t work, then I don’t know what else.

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Hello there, Piccadilly!

It’s Sunday and we had to visit my family where we had to be picked up in Cubao after a 30-minute scooter ride from Makati. We used to get “lost” navigating the streets of Metro Manila, but within those times we had to use our e-scooter from from work to Makati, or home in Marikina to Makati post the November 2020 disaster, we fairly know the streets we have to traverse to get from point A to B.

I usually use a nondescript/non-logo bag for these “long distance” rides, but I haven’t used this Mulberry Trout since I learned how to move around the city in our scooter. And speaking of Mulberry, I never got the chance to put here these big-ass Mulberry bags.


Going around with our electric scooter

In June 20, 2016, I wrote about how I have long since wanted a Mulberry Piccadilly, which I had originally expressed in a  Tumblr post from May 2012. But it has been actually since 2018 when I got my first Piccadilly! I also bought this from a trusted eBay seller here in Manila, from whom I previously got a Balenciaga Men’s Day. I even brought this Piccadilly to Taiwan in 2018.

On the other hand, I got the black Piccadilly from another local seller in 2019, where I had to haggle hard in person just to get it. Despite this, I could say that Mulberry has fallen off the fashion radar, and it has not been that noisy in the last few years since Emma Hill left in 2013.

A pair of Mulberry Piccadilly bags

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Before 2019 Ends

Welp! My last post was exactly a year ago today! I almost forgot the password for BRYOLOGUE but here I am again with another mega post.

Funny how I keep on posting about religiously posting but haven’t got the chance for the past 364 days. To give a recap of my year, perhaps a mega post will make up for it?

So let’s have a look back at the year that was!

At the newly-cleaned Quiapo area ---- Mulberry Trout Scotchgrain Messenger Bag

At the newly-cleaned Quiapo area

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