A bit too fast?

Before New Year, I had to kick myself off from holiday mode and start working on some of my school deliverables. Graduate school is a challenge, I mentioned this in the previous post. Granted that I am a crammer by default (good grief, I even took ginkgo biloba before during my MIS review lol), still, studying during the pandemic takes the cake.

I am again questioning why I went back to school exactly 4 years ago. Was it really an atonement for past mistakes while studying (yet I am still cramming)? Vanity of getting another graduate degree (but the course does really open up a new perspective on what I previously learned in International Studies)? Or the previous boredom I felt when I was working at my former organization (which was true as I was a bit bored out of my wits)?

Nevertheless, the pandemic is no laughing matter.

Finishing off the semester. Pandemic is not good.

Aside from school, I suddenly had a nagging feeling that things may be moving too fast. I started working as a support role for the country operations of an INGO, then by some twist of fate, ended up heading it. A year into these two roles, I found myself moving into the region-wide operations. It makes me wonder, then, if I just talked myself a bit too much into these, or do I even deserve these at all? What if eventually they realized they should have waited it out?

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Lockdown Day 29: Age 35

I’ve read somewhere that during a pandemic, one must document his/her daily life. Even the most mundane day should be immortalized. With all those grand narratives of how Isaac Newton powered through the Black Plague, discovering some of the most important scientific discoveries known to man, we are made to believe that we have to be productive amidst this pandemic.

Today is day 29 since the lockdown was imposed over Metro Manila, and subsequently over the island of Luzon. It is also my 35th birthday.

Panic buying before the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Photo taken at S&R on March 16.

When the first case of COVID-19 (then called as nCOV) in the Philippines was announced on January 30, 2020, I had already asked Mon to stock on a couple of boxes of masks from Bambang. I had been monitoring the situation for the past weeks. I knew that it’ll only be a matter of time before it blew up, and it won’t hurt to have masks stocked for our families.

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Before 2019 Ends

Welp! My last post was exactly a year ago today! I almost forgot the password for BRYOLOGUE but here I am again with another mega post.

Funny how I keep on posting about religiously posting but haven’t got the chance for the past 364 days. To give a recap of my year, perhaps a mega post will make up for it?

So let’s have a look back at the year that was!

At the newly-cleaned Quiapo area ---- Mulberry Trout Scotchgrain Messenger Bag

At the newly-cleaned Quiapo area

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2018 Wrap-Up Mega Post

Before 2018 ends, it is time for my year-end essay! I will compensate for my inability to update the last few months with this mega post.

Compared to the holidays of the previous years, this year is quite laid back. It was not as frantic as before.

Ayala Malls Circuit's Christmas decoration

Ayala Malls Circuit’s Christmas decoration

One of the things I am proudest of this 2018 is that I was able to make better choices for my health. This includes a change in my diet, and a better drive to exercise regularly.

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