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I finished my graduate degree in International Studies from UPD, where I also took my undergraduate in foreign languages. I am currently finishing my second graduate degree in ASEAN Studies from UPOU. After a stint in a business school, I am back working in the humanitarian sector. Prior to these, I worked at other humanitarian and international organizations, following a long career in the corporate world.

This is where you will mostly find my thoughts.

I’m a moderate wanderlust with special preference towards cold places. I like scoring nice things at very reasonable prices, because, who doesn’t. I’m a notorious DIY-er and would try to do anything that catches my interest.

I’m gravitated towards neutrals, with an occasional presence of red because I’m colorblind. I mostly, however, love black. I’m quite a rebel but I don’t consider myself a rule-breaker, but more of a rule-bender — yet I’m still quite traditional if that even makes sense.

I do tend to rant write every once in a while and voice my opinion online because I find myself a little bit direct towards people in real life. I think that writing random thoughts to an invisible audience helps me become more collected because my mind tends to get cluttered up easily.

This is where the name of my page came from: a portmanteau of my nickname and my perpetual internal monologue. Bonus that ‘bryologue‘ is a French word as well, only that you won’t see any mention  of any bryophytes in here, unless we count Kate Moss.

I originally started this page in 02 June 2012 as practice writing for my comprehensive examinations (although I began in Tumblr in 2010, which is still active), but I have been frankly enjoying my presence here more than anywhere else.

I am fond of using “I remember” with its various inflections as I am quite nostalgic and pensive most of the time. You’ve been warned.

Read away and I hope you pick up something useful.