Travel/Work Thailand: Weekend in Bangkok Day 1

*extremely picture-heavy post

On my last few days in Thailand, Mon arrived on an AirAsia flight to spend the weekend in Bangkok. We did not bother transferring to a new place as we got a good rate from the hotel. *winks* However, it was only a breakfast for one person, so we had to eat outside.

Our morning started early, based on the research we did the night before on how to reach the temple complex. We took the BTS until the last station of Saphan Taksin, where we found a long queue of people for the ferry.

By the second week that I arrived in Thailand, I felt really uncomfortable with my hair. I normally get a haircut once a week to trim the sides, but I could not muster the courage to go to a barber shop. I then had to brave the weather again, hoping not to suffer another near heat exhaustion.

Aboard the ferry from Saphan Taksin

It was a very delightful ride. The first thing that I have observed was how the waters, lookswise, of Chao Phraya were not too different from the Pasig River. However, I can see a couple of big fish occasionally swimming to the surface and I did not smell a hint of stinky odor. How I wish our Pasig River was as developed as this. It would have been an excellent alternative in braving the Metro Manila traffic.

Passing by Wat Arun

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Rainy trip the light fantastic

Apparently, there was a storm signal raised since last night and we were not aware of it, given the whole Big Bang preoccupation. So it was not surprising that today, I was woken up by the sound of heavy raindrops by our roof. I just hope it won’t be raining cats and dogs because I’m still traumatized by the last August’s unfortunate event.

Check polo, black H&M sweater, JAG jeans, black 8-hole Doc Martens, black Gucci microfiber messenger bag - Manila, Philippines

Just as I thought that the rainy season was finally over, here comes another typhoon. Although it did not directly hit Metro Manila (and our brothers down south were the ones ravaged by it), I had to dress ready for the rain and wind. My umbrella almost got broken because the gust was quite strong and I even had to mend it before going down.

Trip the light fantastic - Manila, Philippines

Anyway, I was on a Sophie Ellis-Bextor galore for the past few days, particularly over her album ‘Trip the Light Fantastic‘ and I think of vortices and fast moving lights. So when on my way home, I took this shot using my digicam of pretty lights in motion. It just made me happy, that’s all. =D