Back to my old haircut!

In preparation for my comprehensive examinations last August, I decided to cut my hair off and had a buzz cut. I had projected the possible stress that reviewing might cost me and I was right.

But since I’ve already finished with all three parts last August 23, I started growing my hair out but it was not easy. For more than 5 years, I’ve been more or less sporting the same shaved-sides look with because I tend to get breakouts when the hair grows longer than a centimeter.

Waiting for my turn - Ménage Salon Gateway Mall - Cubao

I had originally planned to get a haircut this Friday because it has been my annual tradition since 2007 to get one before watching the UAAP competition (because I’m quite superstitious, especially as it was reinforced by missing my haircut in 2009 and we lost the crown — very silly and ludicrous, but I’m sticking to that). But with the humid and indecisive weather foreboding another bout of breakouts, I scrapped the plan and got a haircut.

I usually go here once a month only to get the style I wanted; but I also do not have any problem visiting the nearest barber shop to maintain it. When the hair on the top gets too long (read: giving me zits on my forehead), then I know it’s time to visit this place again. However, since I just came from a two-month buzzcut, I had to grow my hair substantially to get my money’s worth.

Bye bye fluffy hair - 8-hole Doc Martens, Givenchy duffle luggage bag

The person usually cutting my hair was surprised to see me again because I haven’t visited for quite some time. When he  shaved the sides, it was no problem. But doing something with top part was another story. Right after I sat, I showed an old picture of mine with the hair I wanted and he wasn’t quite sure whether the length of my hair can do that. I just said that an approximation was all I needed as I was fully aware that it wasn’t long enough (unless I, first,  put on extensions and get them cute, which doesn’t even make sense to begin with).

Back to my old haircut - Ménage Salon, Gateway Mall, Cubao

Back to my old haircut

He has been also constantly egging me to get a hair color for months now, which I always politely refuse. I’ve been very crazy with my hair color during college and I personally deem it appropriate to be outlandish now that I’m in my late 20s.

Old hair

Crazy hair and crazy color — back in the day when I used to smile with my teeth showing (2006)

Well, I’m happy to be growing my hair again. I might occasionally cut it very short but I will definitely not grow the sides indefinitely.


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