Winter in Seoul – Day 4: Simone Handbag Museum

*extremely picture-heavy post*

For our last day in Seoul, we already have our itinerary in set and it was non-negotiable for us not to go to one of my must-see places. Back in October 2012, I previously expressed my anticipation of visiting Simone Handbag Museum and I could not believe that I finally had the chance to go and visit it. It was very uncommon for tourists to include a bag museum to their travel itineraries but I consider it a sin for sort-of bag lovers like myself not to drop by when in Seoul. So from Myeongdong Station, we travelled all the way to Sinsa station in the upscale Gangnam-gu to visit the museum (directions to this place can be found at the end of this post).

Simone Handbag Museum's building in Gangnam-gu - Simone Handbag Museum, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Simone Handbag Museum’s building in Gangnam-gu

Rainy winter - me on the bright side, while Mon in his neutral ensemble ---- and I love out transparent umbrellas we bought for only KRW 3,500!

Rainy winter – me on the bright side, while Mon in his neutral ensemble —- and I love our transparent umbrellas we bought for only KRW 3,500!

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Winter in Seoul – Day 2: Bright, snowy day

*extremely picture-heavy post

Continuing our adventure from the day before, we’ve learned our lesson on how to best deal with the extreme cold, and that would be putting more garments.

Granted that I had a hard time feeling myself and my surroundings with the clothes I had the day before, I thought that it would be easier to remove a garment and stash it in my bag if it gets too warm.

Timberland yellow puffer jacket, knitted Radic Color sweater, brick colored pants, black PathFinder boots

Bright, bright, bright

Knitted Radic Color sweater, V-neck blue stripes sweater, Vivienne Westwood wool scarf, brick colored pants, black PathFinder boots

I’m not ready

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The cliché: all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

I finished late in the morning packing because I had so many things in mind to bring that I wasn’t able to decide right away what to leave and what to pack. For the first time, I will be checking in a baggage because the winter clothes are quite bulky but not exactly heavy. I will also not be using my Keepall 50 as it doesn’t sit well (literally) above Mama’s trolley, which I will be bringing. Instead, I opted for the Givenchy duffle, whose most expanded dimension was still enough to be comfortably put above the trolley.

The cliche - all my bag are packed, I'm ready to go - Seoul, South Korea


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Anglomania before the cinema: Westwood and McQueen books

After dinner yesterday, we went straight to Trinoma to get our tickets for ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme‘ starring Eugene Domingo. Good thing for Sureseats because there were a lot of people queuing. And as we already have reserved ours, it just took us about three minutes to get them.

So we then spent the next 45 minutes browsing books in PowerBooks. I picked up this London street photography book and I fell in love with this snap of Liberty’s display window in 2010 as a tribute for Alexander McQueen. I’m quite infatuated with the Union Jack since Geri Halliwell wore that infamous outfit in the 1997 Brit Awards. Yes, I loved the Spice Girls. 🙂

Alexander McQueen - Liberty's window display (2010)

Alexander McQueen – Liberty’s window display (2010) on the book

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