Winter (again!) in Korea – Something old, something new: Doseonsa Temple and Dongdaemun area

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Waking up, I can’t help but feel giddy with what’s ahead of our first full day in Korea. Of course, I was still feeling very sick. But there is really something about adrenaline that makes you forget your sore throat.

The good thing about the hostel is the free breakfast. It is not much (e.g. coffee, bread, butter, jam and cereals), but compounding the amount we will pay outside for food, it is still something.

Seoul Tower silhouetted against the winter sun

Our hostel being a station away from Myeongdong, we just walked for 5 minutes before reaching the busy intersection. Was it cold? Yes. But cold enough to wear gloves? Not really. So what we felt in the airport last night still rang true the day after. We also were able to rent a Wi-Fi egg from the hostel for the whole duration of our trip. We just had to pay KRW 50,000 deposit, which will be returned when we leave.

However, I still have to buy a pair of earmuffs. Like mentioned back in 2012, I have lost it somewhere in COEX mall on our last day.

First foray at Myeongdong

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Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme: the upside and the downside

When we heard that a sequel of Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme was on the works, we were extremely excited because it was big hit for us. I even remember watching this on iPod when we were in Seoul last year.


(Photo from the movie’s Facebook page)

And to finally hear by the end of 2011 that they were shooting in South Korea, it was definitely a must see movie.

*Possible spoiler alert*

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Anglomania before the cinema: Westwood and McQueen books

After dinner yesterday, we went straight to Trinoma to get our tickets for ‘Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme‘ starring Eugene Domingo. Good thing for Sureseats because there were a lot of people queuing. And as we already have reserved ours, it just took us about three minutes to get them.

So we then spent the next 45 minutes browsing books in PowerBooks. I picked up this London street photography book and I fell in love with this snap of Liberty’s display window in 2010 as a tribute for Alexander McQueen. I’m quite infatuated with the Union Jack since Geri Halliwell wore that infamous outfit in the 1997 Brit Awards. Yes, I loved the Spice Girls. 🙂

Alexander McQueen - Liberty's window display (2010)

Alexander McQueen – Liberty’s window display (2010) on the book

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