How do you store your bags?

I’ve spent the whole afternoon cleaning my room and it was no easy task. I don’t have a dedicated storage area for my bags and I don’t keep them all in a dustbag. Most of them no longer have dustbags and I’ve been keeping a mental note to go to the fabric market and buy materials to make them. Meanwhile, here is what I did with my bags.

BAG PILE! - Givenchy duffle, Gucci coated canvas, Coach glove tanned briefcase, J. Peterman Mailbag, Gucci microfiber messenger, Gucci monogram canvas tote - Manila, Philippines

BAG PILE! – Givenchy duffle bag, Gucci coated canvas bag , Coach glove tanned briefcase bag, J. Peterman Mailbag, Gucci microfiber messenger bag, Gucci monogram canvas tote bag

A bag pile of the heavy bags, mostly leather, above my telescope case. I’ve kept the Keepall 50 and the other Gucci monogram duffle inside my cabinet.Since I mostly use the bags above, I’ve got no problem with them stacked together because they won’t be like this for a long time.

The LV sling and messengers (with the vintage Mulberry) - Manila, Philippines

The LV sling and messenger bags (with the vintage Mulberry)

These LV sling and messenger bags, along with the Mulberry scotchgrain were left hanging next to my wall. As I don’t usually use them that frequently (except for the Mulberry), I think they are best left on an area where I won’t bump against them.

The lighter bags by the wall next to my bed. (Prada tessuto messenger, Gucci monogram sling and Comme des Garçons canvas tote) - Manila Philippines

The lighter bags by the wall next to my bed. (Prada tessuto messenge bagr, Gucci monogram sling bag and Comme des Garçons canvas tote bag)


And these three lighter, to-go bags were hanging by this wooden contraption next to my bed. Should an earthquake happen, I won’t be smacked by heavy hardware and slapped by leather. *knocks on wood*

I know for a fact that it isn’t advisable to just hang your bags like these because of the strain it might cause to the handles/straps. But as I’ve got limited space, I’ve got no choice but hang them. Another method of looking at this problem is simple: I got too many bags.

Next problem will be the dustbags. The weather is officially rainy and these bags should not be exposed like this. Given the tropical weather and heavy humidity, I will be soon waging another annual war against molds and other things that might ruin my bags. I’ve got a week left to have a remedy.



  1. i am having the same problem! i ever tht of nailing hooks in the form of decoration on a plain wall and have all my bags hanging there but it will still be dusty. i am still thinking what i can do. even if we were to keep them in dustbags, molds tend to grow on them. i wonder if there is a better way to store my crazy bag collection too.

    • Glad to know I’m not alone! That’s what I was also thinking, the hooks on the wall project (I kind of did it but I want a more elaborate one). Coincidentally yesterday, I have seen this book published by “ELLE”, the one about style and I saw Erin Wasson has executed this idea that we commonly have. As for the dustbags, you are right. I had some of my bags on them and even bought a gigantic pack of silica gels. But alas! Molds still crept in.

      • ahhhh, i have been surfing the net trying to find a perfect bag to store the bags but to no avail. if you find anything, be sure to share ok? i will too! i just read that crumbling the newspaper and storing them inside your bag helps take the smell and moist away. change the papers every 3 months. i am currently trying. u can try to see if it helps. =]

        • Thanks for this tip! As the lining of most of my bag are dark, I won’t have any problem with the ink being transferred. Will now rummage in the storage room for old newspapers. Thank you again for this helpful advice!!!! ^____^

          • mine tooo! hahaaaa… cool! lets keep each other updated to see if this really helps! i had a “great” time crumbling and storing them! MADDNESS! hahahaaaa u have fun now! =P

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