It’s a wrap, 2017! (My year-end essay LOL)

And just like that, another year has ended! While everybody on Facebook is busy submitting their year-end essay, I chose to post a haiku because, well, I have this page to write to my heart’s content! ^_^

The haiku is roughly translated as:


Last day of the year

And later, it’ll be the first

So go, eat some more!

Not shading everyone on Facebook, writing lengthy stuff about their year. I was just being cheeky! I actually enjoy reading them, save for some with irrelevant #humblebrag.

So enough of this shenanigan. It’s now time to write my entry for the year-end essay writing contest.

2017 had started with me exhibiting a level of optimism, especially when it comes to my career. I had not actually written about my career confusion that took place over last year’s holiday season, choosing instead to focus on the positive stuff.

To be honest, as soon as I went back to work in January, my mood changed drastically. I was hungry for more. Going back to school served as a welcome distraction, and I just finished my 2nd semester for another graduate degree. Still, I knew that this year will not finish without something BIG.

As mentioned during my interview, I’d give myself 2 years to see myself around. Unfortunately, it did not materialize. True to word, a day shy of my second year, I left the humanitarian world to join the academe. Faced with bigger responsibilities and the challenge of co-spearheading the first graduate program of its kind in the Philippines.

In my previous role, I had the humbling opportunity to have worked with a pool of selfless colleagues. When the clashes in Marawi first took place, our organization was one of the first ones who had responded to the affected population. In Manila, I also had the opportunity to build a good coordinating relationship from government actors to ensure entry to places of detention.

I am not closing my doors, and, who knows, maybe 5-10 years from now I will be back. Meanwhile, I look forward to the challenges of my current role at the academe.

Mon also moved on to a new job. To say that a burden was lifted off of his shoulder was an understatement. I guess a measure of a stressful job is the toll it incurs on one’s body. While I did not have that kind of experience, albeit having the feeling of ‘will I be able to get out?’, Mon was not fortunate with that.

Mon and I did not plan any type of travel this year. We knew that after our 2nd winter and 3rd trip to Korea last year,  there was a great chance that we both would have a career change. And change it did. We managed to celebrate our 9th anniversary just fine. But for our 10th, we will be going to Taiwan!

It was a also a year where we lost one of our beloved dogs, Miriam. It was a difficult time for our whole family. Even up to this day, I never fail to say my imaginary ‘Hello’ to her whenever I travel back home and pass by the two billboards at PAWS in Katipunan where I knew she was buried. I always have one eye open now on Sophie and Miso, making sure we are on top of their health.

Papa was also hospitalized for a couple of days. It made me extra determined to maintain my focus. Good thing is always there. My sister also moved on to a new job. My brother moved to a new role, while his wife (my sister-in-law) was on her way to a confectionery empire. My nephew had a rough end to this primary school years, but junior high school presented a new start. My niece celebrated her 7th birthday and then broke her right arm 3 months after.

I look forward to a more challenging 2018 ahead. I feel more motivated and ready to gird my loins for what next year has in store for me. For me, the greatest lesson for 2017 is to be unwavering with my plans, remain flexible with my means, and listen to the people who want the best for me.





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