Decision fatigue and uniform dressing: I wore the same shirt for 5 days

Contrary to what you have initially thought, I was not pertaining to just one shirt.

As what I have previously expressed before June ended, it’s getting cumbersome deciding every morning. But the no-fuss, solid dark shirt for the day would have been liberating.

So last Sunday, on our routine night in SM, I took the plunge. I was looking forward to a carefree week and I could start it with a perfect black. round-neck shirt. Likewise, my ceiling price was less than Php 150.

The perfect black shirt. I’ll get five in one color!

We combed several aisles before finally asking for assistance. When we were lead to the middle of the floor, I was handed this shirt. The texture was similar to my favorite green-shirt, which was a good sign.

I was afraid to look at the tag, thinking that if it were to cost Php 300, I’d only get 2. I was surprised to see that it was sold for only Php 149!

Next thing I know, I was already asking for five extra large shirts to use for the week. The sizing was admittedly too small. Imagine this is already size XL?

Same black 'Culture Tee' T-shirt from SM for 5 Days - Balenciaga Men's Day Messenger Bag, Burberry Brown Leather Messenger, Mulberry Postman's Lock Messenger Bag, Black Red Wing Boots, New Balance ML574RUN Sneak

Same black ‘Culture Tee’ T-Shirt from SM for 5 Days

Except for the 4th day, as I was on leave, I wore the same shirt to work. It never felt weird because it’s just black. Nothing frivolous or remarkable. Granted that I still change/mix things up with the other aspects, the same black shirt was already one less decision every morning.  Furthermore, I will no longer have to murder our closet, digging for a comfortable shirt of the day.

Why haven’t I thought of this before? While I cannot go full-on uniform dressing, this is a start. Let’s just hope that the shirts could withstand months of weekly washing!


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