WordAds earnings

WordAds earnings for two monthsLast September, I applied for WordAds, which is the exclusive advertising option for WordPress-based blogs and I was happy that I was approved. Two months on since the ads started running, I was able to earn the amount indicated above, equivalent for about a total of 29,000 impressions. I understand that the payoff will not be very high, considering that I’m located in the Philippines where impressions do not cost that high (per advertisers’ point-of-view) but I’m on the fence about it.

Sure I’m not really here to make money but just blog whatever comes to mind/the things that happen in my life, especially for my friend to see (he has ways to view my blog in spit of the Great Firewall of China!), but as I have no idea on what to expect, then I’m as good as fine with it. LOL But at this rate, I won’t be able to get any money until next year if I needed to reach $ 100 before they make any payment. Whatever happens happens. =)




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