What to wear for that office event

This Friday, our company will host an event for those who have served for five/ten/fifteen years (wow, fifteen!?!?). I will be celebrating my fifth year working on the 3rd of December but I was luckily included in the list. We were asked to come in “business formal” for the event and I still had no idea what to wear until last night.

Jil Sander Button-down polo with contrasting cuff sleeves
(In desperate need of ironing LOL)

As much as possible, I do not want to wear long-sleeves and if I can find one, I’d wear a short-sleeves polo. And then I came upon this Jil Sander button-down, short-sleeves dress shirt — problem solved! I was really happy because it has the exact elements I was looking forward to wear. Short-sleeves in a very comfortable material, with the seam detail at the back. What I love most was the contrasting color peeking from the sleeves. I’m not too sure whether it was meant to be like that but I will definitely cuff the sleeves when I wear it.

Jil Sander Button-down polo with contrasting cuff sleeves - details - Manila, Philippines

As the length was reaching my backside, it needed to be tucked inside my pants. I’m mostly boring with my pants choices and I might also ditch my Doc Martens for the event in my attempt to look formal, so I’m so happy that my minimalist with a punch top will compensate with that boredom. The size, on the other hand, was much flattering to my built, unlike the other Jil Sander I had in June. I need not starve myself. =D

Look number 1 from Jil Sander S/S 2010 Menswear
Photo from vogue.co.uk

I found a similar design from Jil Sander S/S 2010. By the looks of it, the sleeves should not be cuffed. But as I am not a 6-foot model, I don’t want to look shorter than I already am, so it has to be cuffed!


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