What the black-haired stork brought in today

Serving Android17 realness

Serving Android No. 17 realness

My friend Ikle is back in the Philippines for a very short stay to get some things done (well, quite literally). He has to go back to China this Saturday, but he had to drop by our apartment in Makati to have lunch with me as we won’t be seeing each other until Christmas. The other day, he told me that he was in a salon to finally get his hair back to its original color. I can’t remember when was the last time his hair was black, but when I graduated in 2007, his hair had always been non-black It was a very nice transformation as the hair looked healthier than before. However, we must immediately recognize that the color and style was a dead ringer of a 90s Japanese anime villain. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Android No. 17:

I initially thought of Rihanna’s hairstyle circa 2007 (i.e. Umbrella era), but we nevertheless had a good laugh over the creamy garlic pasta with chicken that I prepared (Mon was out when Ikle arrived). Our chat got cut short, though, because he had a 1:00 PM doctor’s appointment somewhere in Makati. We then took a photo using his phone, as a souvenir until we see each other again about a month from now. However, I laughed so hard being unable to recognize myself with the filter he had used. A lot of Chinese people were apparently a bit heavy-handed with these apps that made them, well, look like a walking Photoshop’s Blur function. Observe the difference:

Before - Ikle and I. (We already have our miniature Christmas tree behind)

Before.  I think this one has a light filter to begin with. My skin does not look remotely pore-free like that. (On a different note, notice that we already have our miniature Christmas tree behind? ^_^)

After: Ikle and I . (I'm flawless!!!)

And after. Not a single flaw detected and my skin looked almost porcelain white. I’m flawless!!! LOL

Kidding aside, it was really good to see Ikle before he leaves the country this weekend. But on a happier note, this newly black-haired stork brought in a blue baby. And no, I’m not pertaining to a cyanotic infant, rather a bag in a color and material I never even dared to carry: blue denim. It was a Mulberry Tillie in Washed Denim!

Mulberry Tillie in Washed Denim

Mulberry Tillie in Washed Denim

Mulberry Tillie Washed Denim - fob and serial number

Fob and serial number

It was a long story how he got this bag and I had to completely guide and coach him on what to specifically look for to make sure that he’s getting the real deal. From the lining, the fob, the hardware engraving to the serial number, the works. Better be safe than sorry because I was not personally inspecting the item. I’m not too sure if it was for me — but I’m not going to say ‘No’ to it anyway. It was rugged and ‘sweet‘ (imagine me, sweet?), with the denim material needing a bit of cleaning, but all the leather parts and trimmings were in very good condition. I did a little polishing of the trompe l’oeil hardware in front, but I regret doing it afterwards. I think it looked much better less pristine, or maybe I am just used to carrying neutral, structured bags a lot. Also, it was not the oversized one and I usually lug bigger bags. However, I’ve been trying not to carry a lot lately because, as it turned out, I already have a minor dextroscoliosis.

Mulberry Tillie in Washed Denim from the Spring Summer 2011 runway show

Mulberry Tillie in Washed Denim from the Spring Summer 2011 runway show

Lindsey Wixson in the Mulberry Spring Summer 2011 campaign with the washed denim Tillie

Lindsey Wixson in the Mulberry Spring Summer 2011 campaign with the Tillie

And of course, my favorite Mulberry girl had to be in the campaign more than three years ago with the same bag. It might not look like it, but the bag was surprisingly heavy. Maybe it was because of the abundance of hardware from all fronts that counteracted the lightweight denim material to cunningly tip the scale. For the moment, let’s see what use I’ll have for it. It was a tad bigger than the olive green messenger I already have, but this bag is so open that I fear that I’d be a walking target for pickpockets. So I guess my original plan of making it look more rugged than usual will definitely do the trick. Anyway, thank you so much Ikle for this and I’ll see you very soon! =D



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