Victoria, there’s no turning back!

I did not watch the Olympics opening because I was really busy. Not too mention that it was aired around 4:00 AM here in Manila — no way I’d stay up for that. Anyway, I’ve been too preoccupied with my coming exam exactly a week from now, but I can’t help but be EXTREMELY excited over this:

Spice Girls on MTV VMA 1997

(Photo from

OMG!?!?!?! Is this final? For real? The Spice Girls are performing in the closing ceremony? *dead* After on-and-off news whether or not they are performing, I’m so anticipating this performance. Of course I had a feeling that this won’t push through because of Victoria. As much as I love her, she already dove head first into the world of fashion. But you don’t say no to the Queen! But contrary reports mentioned that it was actually Mel B. who was making excessive demands. Hmm…  As long as they are performing, then count me in! I won’t be this fabulous if not for these girls, SERIOUSLY! LOL To all the haters who think they don’t deserve to perform, over here so you may take your seats. These girls pretty much carried the British flag in the 90s, and Geri even wore it!



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