UPCAT madness and lib-less

Today marks the last Friday before my comprehensive exams on August 6 (which will be the first of three consecutive Mondays). I was on vacation leave just to prepare and review in the library and it was relatively fruitful. Tomorrow, however, there won’t be any library because of UPCAT.

UPCAT UP Diliman Buildings - UPCAT 2012

Personally, I’m very infuriated because libraries are the only place I can properly read and review. >_< The whole university was very alive due to UPCAT preparations. I’ve seen tents for vendors and organizations, who will be assisting the students. They even installed these to direct people properly:

UPCAT UP Diliman Malcolm Hall

I even saw lots of students still looking for their assigned buildings and classrooms — shouldn’t they be studying instead? Well, look who’s talking, I even had the time to write this post in spite of very little time. Upon getting an extremely quick early dinner, I bought Cobra with GINKGO BILOBA. I swear on its efficacy (and the Tebokan tablets)!

Cobra Smart - GINKGO BILOBA!!!

Then when I entered the Main Library, the table I had chosen had this book propped open:

Maximize your memory!

Why haven’t I seen you before??? LOL I’m now in desperate need of things to help me retain information. I left the library at half past 9 and it was drizzling. I just love the lights on Acad Oval.

UP Diliman Acad Oval Night

I promised myself that I’m going to help future comps takers if I were to pass mine on one take. I really promise! I adore how my study partner and most of her friends (who already finished their comps) have been helping her (us). If only I had a similar set of friends. Oh well.



    • Hi! When I took it for almost a month, I did not have the same side effects such as being constantly hungry like with the Glutaphos. I just felt more attentive and was able to understand/absorb better the things I’ve read. But I took them after breakfast. Because that first time I took Tebokan after lunch, I then had a hard time sleeping at night.

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