Today is World Refugee Day!

My colleagues, especially Robyn, have been working very hard for the past few weeks for the event organized with UNHCR and the Department of Justice. June 20 marks “World Refugee Day” and our NGO has put up an exhibit of artworks done by refugees near the fountain in Shangri-la Mall . It was my first event and I even had to borrow Mon’s blazer because I realized I had none. LOL I have a barong from my graduation rites two months ago, but that would have been too formal for something that requires smart casual.

1 family torn apart by conflict is too many

The event was to start at around 4:30 PM and we almost came in late because the traffic in EDSA was ridiculous. It took us more than an hour to travel from Pasay to Mandaluyong, although part of the reason was that we had to drop by the Greenbelt area to pick up another colleague of ours. I don’t usually drop by Shangri-la because I normally had no business there, so I can’t even remember the last time I was in that mall.

Robyn was very much stressed out with the art exhibit but it turned out very nice. I particularly loved this ink on paper ones as the details were amazing. However, the double-sided tape on some of the pieces were acting up and they keep on falling and we had to sneakily attach them back to the panels. We could have used some of those clay-like adhesives, but it completely flew out of my mind.

Fooling around with Rob

Before leaving Pasay, we were finally given our business cards, which we can hand out to people we meet in the event. The plan was to work the room and meet people but at the back of my mind, I knew I’d definitely not be good at it. I’m not really good in introducing myself to new people, especially if they show some ‘not-to-be-bothered’ vibe. LOL So imagine my relief when I saw a familiar face in the crowd — it was my Italian professor back from college!

And I saw my Italian professor in the event

Solo picture by the tarp - Gray Uniqlo Two-Button Blazer, black skinny pants and black Paul Smith Cervantes shoes

My business cards went untouched but I had a great time talking to her, as she seemed interested, as well as the things that are keeping me busy now. It was really funny how she even remembered some of the crazy things I had done during our Italian class, and she even told some of my colleagues about them. LOL  =D There was a film showing of the documentary “Pushing the Elephant” by 6:30 PM, but as I had to be in Makati by 8:00 PM, I did not watch it and left the venue when everybody was about to go upstairs. I’m still looking for a copy of the movie, though, because it sounds really interesting.


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