Throwing the phone

It is by no means doing a Naomi Campbell. It is more than that. Remember when Andy had to throw her cellphone at the Fontaine des Fleuves in Place de la Concorde and walked away? That was how it felt a couple of weeks ago when I handed in my resignation. Yes, I’m finally free from the organization! (And yes, I’m back writing and I am now free to write!)

Throwing the phone at the Fontaine des Fleuves at Place de la Concorde - The Devil Wears Prada

Throwing the phone at the Fontaine des Fleuves at Place de la Concorde (Screengrab from The Devil Wears Prada)

After five years, five attempts and four months, it was time to ditch le boulot. A day before I gave my resignation, I read an article on Vera Wang published on NY Mag. She had one brilliant advice that made me more sure with my decision: know when to walk away.

Was it easy? Definitely not. Was it worth quitting the job for? Absolutely. It was done after careful calculation of risks, and a realistic re-imagining of what I wanted to do. The plan is still in place; it just needed a bit of modification. 🙂 I said it before and I’m going to say it again — I’ll be leaving the corporate world by the time I turn 30. No ifs and no buts. Besides, doing the right thing is never easy.

I have a comparatively better life now that the burden has been lifted. And I’m finally able to move freely, which I haven’t done for a long time. The world is my oyster, anyway, so I don’t fear anything! I also have a great feeling next week and my instincts could not have been more correct.

Noticed how things tend to go silent here in my space when things are not going fine career-wise? Hmmm…

A bit chaotic, a bit organized - YSL Logo Messenger Bag, Prada Nylon and Saffiano Backpack

A bit chaotic, a bit organized

I still have two more weeks to rest and August would be a new start. Meanwhile, I am more than happy to catch up on my reading. I love smelling the old pages of the books and touching the glossy pages of the magazines. I was also able to buy a back issue of Vogue Paris for Php 35 and Baylis and Smith’s ‘The Globalization of World Politics‘ at around Php 300! That was very cool!

I also took the time to maximize our mini oven and I was finally able to imitate Mama and Kuya’s baked mac recipe! I even had potato gratins on top, which happened by accident.

UP College of Architecture's souvenir program -- and look, my photo!

UP College of Architecture’s souvenir program — and look, my photo!

And on a different note, the photo I have taken a day before my college graduation was used by the College of Architecture for this year’s souvenir program. Somebody from their graduation committee contacted me if they could use it, and I gladly obliged provided that a little watermark be put anywhere in the photo. Well, it was quite larger than what I have expected. I had also hoped that it could have been placed on the bottom-left corner with a smaller font, but, oh well. LOL

Before I wrap this entry up, I would like to say that nothing beats today’s feeling. But at the end of the day, the world is full of possibilities and I have to conscientiously decide on the right combination. One step at a time. Que dieu me vienne en aide!



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