The unnecessary boxing belts: Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012

It seems only yesterday when Versace presented its first couture collection in years. That first collection from January was stunning, with the usual shocking colors expected from the house. But when I saw the Fall/Winter 2012 pictures from Vogue Paris’ website, I knew right away that I’m not loving most of the looks.

Let’s start with what I did not like:

Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012 --- hating those boxing belts

(Photo from

I really hated those boxing belts because it made the clothes look a bit cartoonish. At first I thought that it was some sort of numbering system, but the first look worn by Lindsey Wixson had the “XX” Roman numerals on them. She can’t be number 20.  The trench dress could have worked, if not for those gigantic pockets and leaf-details by the belt area.

And the clothes that I sort of liked but hated at the same time — if that even makes sense:

Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012: Lindsey Wixson

(Photo from

Lindsey’s look was promising. I loved  the power shoulders and  the overall construction must have taken a lot of time in piecing those strips together. But that belt was such a boner killer. The bodice of the the second look to the right was nice because of its lingerie quality. However, the fabric explosion of a skirt was quite cheap looking. I’m reminded of those ‘ugly’ wedding gowns worn just for fun by Carrie Bradshaw that gave her an allergic reaction.

And the two looks I loved the most:

Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012: Anna Selezneva, Kate King and Ginta Lapina

(Photo from

This might sound ridiculous but I can hear RuPaul saying “Donatella would approve” to Anna Selezneva, the same way she did to Shangela in that QNN News episode from Drag Race.  Anna’s dress was dragtastic! With the print and color scheme, the dress might fall in the Spring/Summer category or even Resort but somehow the polyester-y fabric worked here. Same thing goes for Kate King’s dress, particularly with the capiz-like sequins of that halter bodice. It must have felt wonderful wearing that dress, while walking in front of a wind machine. Just kidding. Lastly, I just notice after zooming in that Ginta Lapina’s dress was sort of see-through. Almost have the same silhouette as Lindsey’s trench dress but at least the belt did not kill it.


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