The annual problem: mold on my bags

Last month, I thought of the impending problem that the rainy days will bring: bag safety. When I was looking over my stuff, I’ve noticed that my black Gucci tote had the usual suspect on the leather parts. I should have stored it in a dust bag but as I still haven’t commissioned somebody to do it for me, it was inevitable that the bag  had caught such problem.

Blow drying bags to remove moisture - Mulberry, Coach, Givenchy, J. Perterman, Gucci bag PHILIPPINES

Anyway, I have already cleaned it with leather cleaner/conditioner and treated with mink oil afterwards because it won’t darken as it was finished leather, unlike my other bag that darkened. But just to be sure, I brought all of my bags out and put them under a blast of hot air from my blow dryer to remove any moisture. Mold and mildew grows under very humid condition. And as the rain has been going on and off for weeks already, it will be impossible to air them out outside, unless I wanted them to be drenched. The next best thing I can do to remove moisture was hot air from this dryer.

Silica gels for bag storage - Manila, Philippines

And for bags that have their own dust bags, I also put these packets of silica gel. Mon bought a large pack before and they are still doing a great job in keeping the moisture out.

I just hope that none of my things will get ruined this time around. I really needed some spare time to shop for fabrics to be made as dust bags.



  1. hello my friend! i happen to discover your blog and i really find it very very informative about mulberry bags since i am an avid collector of the bag also.i have a mulberry darwin emmy in oak and a mulberry mitzy tote.however, i found out here in your blog a fake mulberry serial number 565321 which happen to be the serial number of my mulberry mitzy tote which i bought in sommerset,england in the summer of 2009..i was really really distressed by this..

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. I’m so sorry to hear about the Mitzy one. Did you buy it from a Mulberry store in Sommerset? If yes, then you need not worry about it. But if you bought anywhere in Sommerset, then it’s definitely problematic. Well, there “might” also be that slim chance that you have the first ever bag to bear the 565321 serial number so we will never know unless you got it checked from the Purse Forum link I have given in that particular post. Keep me posted! 🙂

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