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I’m already halfway the semestral break and enlistment is due to start soon. With a little trick with our pocket Wi-Fi, I have been watching a lot of videos from YouTube.

I enjoyed Graveraven’s channel on YouTube a lot. It has a series of fashion documentaries by Loïc Prigent, and I started off with Donatella Versace. I adore her candor and warmth towards her staff, especially her fondness and longing to her brother Gianni. Sure, her physical appearance was nowhere near the late 90s, but she is commanding and humorous at the same time.

The last documentary I’ve watched is Alexander Wang’s. With his relatively younger label and no fuss approach to his personal style. Come to think of it, it might be something I’d like to adopt in real life.

As days pass by, I find myself picking just a plain black or dark blue shirt. I’m also beginning to wear black pants that I ignored for months. But expect me to jazz it up with a bag, of course. I came to the conclusion that I should start being unapologetic about myself, unlike what I mentioned before.

Rise above the mess - Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag Tangerine Pebbled Leather

Rise above the mess

Talk about a 'punch' of color - Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag in Tangerine Pebbled Leather, New Balance sneakers

Talk about a ‘punch’ of color: I also look bored here LOL

Will this be my uniform now? I hope so. The only problem is I don’t have a lot of shirts like this which comfortably fits i.e. a bit loose.

I also knew that the 5th installment of Asia’s Next Top Model started in the middle of our “summer” here. However, except for the finale, I only managed to watch all episodes in the last two days. Talk about binge-watching.

I thought the news was just exaggerated of the ultimate PH bet being bullied. But wow, the other contestants were indeed harsh. You could blame editing or the language barrier, but there must be really something there. It made a good reality TV drama, and in the end, Maureen won. Eat it!

Maureen gushing over her victory in Asia's Next Top Model

Maureen gushing over her victory in Asia’s Next Top Model

Maureen gushing over her victory in Asia’s Next Top ModelNow, for the real talk: Maureen is short. By runway standards, she is no Kate Moss either. There is no point considering somebody as the next Kate Moss. Kate Moss she is not. However, she’s undoubtedly serving face. She can’t take a bad photo.

I also noticed that the thrust of the whole season/cycle is very commercial. From Colgate, to Zalora, to Neutrogena and a heavy push of Subaru, there were not a lot of photoshoots with editorial thread to it.

I haven’t watched the last two seasons of this franchise to compare. Were the challenges/shoot before as commercial-focused? I have no idea. But it makes sense that she won this edition.

I loved Tu from Vietnam. I had a feeling she would win. Her runway walk, however, was a tad too sexy, but it is something you can quickly address and tone down. Another thing; would she be able to survive the health-risks of the fashion world?

Also, her cut-throat approach to the competition was not lovely to watch. But this is reality TV, and I would not be surprised if this happens in real life. I remember watching Valentino: L’ultimo imperatore and it was evident in the backstage shots that the models were inching and clawing against each other for the cameras’ attention. It was very amusing to watch. ^o^

As for Shikin, I loved her skin tone. This is what I aspire to achieve. <3 She’s also the strongest walker and the most editorial among the three. Frankly speaking, she had the best chance of really making it on a legitimate runway. But the conniving b*tch edit was not cute as well (see reasons above).

Maureen is mostly-commercial and partly-editorial, which is not a bad thing. Beauty campaigns are also the best moneymaker so why shy away from this niche? A lot of models start pummeling runway after runway, in the hopes of graduating to the more relaxed commercial world. Her dead-in-the-eye and I could-not-care-less face? Well, I have seen that look on Vlada R. and Jessica S. several times.

In summary, I would not mind if any of the three girls get the crown, the same way I did not feel bad if any of the four queens from the latest season of Rupaul’s Drag Race win it all.



  1. Love the pop of orange. I really need to invest in a Diego; I’ve always loved the shape.

    You should be unapologetic! Just do what you want. I’ve been coming to that realization myself as of late, especially regarding my style. All the funky vintage pieces I’ve been unsure to wear, I’m just going for it and adapting them to my style, or letting them coax out of my comfort zone. I think it shows growth? Who knows. But If it makes you feel good, just wear it.

    • The Diego is quite heavy but it is beautiful! Worth the weight! ^_^ Thanks for giving your 2 cents. I just sometimes feel that working in the humanitarian sector, I needed to tone things down a bit. I did want to answer awkward questions, but at the same time, knowing you feel good in the morning can add a spring in your step. =D You have an amazing eye for vintage! If only the weather here is colder. It’s just hot and hotter here LOL

      • I completely understand about toning it down; working a government job, I try not to come off too ostentatious. Then again, you are right about feeling good and having a spring in your step, so I always slip in at least one or two fun pieces! Lately it’s been my black Balenciaga Arena Cuff, because it’s pretty subtle, but adds a touch of something.

        Oh, did I link my Instagram? LOL. Thank you! I do love vintage. Especially clothing and mid-century. There’s nothing like hunting around estate sales, then going home to research everything you found. 😀 I find some pretty cool stuff. Actually, I scored a beautiful Missoni women’s cardigan the other day! Was pretty neat. ^^

        • Oh yes you did! In your first comment if I am not mistaken and I had vintage envy with your Instagram. LOL I agree about researching. Usually, I cannot even wait to reach home to research and browse feverishly online for information. HAHAHA

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