Winter in Seoul – Day 4: Lotte World and leaving Seoul

*extremely picture-heavy post

It has been three weeks since I last wrote a post regarding our trip to Seoul, and it did not help that this post concerned two things that made me unenthusiastic: Lotte World and leaving South Korea. From Simone Handbag Museum, we took the traingfrom Sinsa Station going to Jamsil station, which is connected directly to Lotte World.

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement at Sinsa Station

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station 2

Another plastic surgery advertisement


Fountain with people sitting around it - Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Fountain with people sitting around it


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An unexpected meeting

The last time we went to eat dinner in Mashitta was way back in June, and we still can’t enough of their wonderfully cooked food. That little space was definitely packed with food that will make you go hungry and wolf everything down — which was what we exactly did. =D

L-O-V-E Mashitta UP Diliman

Bibimbap, Kimchijeon and Ramyun from Mashitta (Shopping Center, UP Diliman)

Mandatory picture with the food - Mashitta, Shopping Center, UP DilimanIt was a slow day for business and we were the only people upstairs. I have a habit of always looking by the staircase whenever I hear the clacking of footsteps, when somebody extremely familiar went up. I gave a resounding “WELL, WELL, WELL!” but she didn’t look at my direction. I had to finally call her by her name before she gave an audible sigh of relief. She almost thought that somebody was going to punch her. LOL

An unexpected meeting with one of my closest high school friends, ChelliIt was really a happy moment to see one of my closest friends from high school. Chelli was the primary reason I went off dancing until college because she first pushed me to join her group. She went to Mashitta with her mother and we were making such a racket with our stories that it was a good thing there were not a lot of people eating as well. When she found out that we’ll be going back to Korea this December, she started her interesting story on this particular backpackers’ place (e.g. Backpackers Korea) which she highly recommended because of two extremely good-looking oppa owners. LOL She can’t divulge more on her stories because she was with her mother. I definitely missed the crazy times we used to have back in high school.

Diliman Republic items from UP Shopping Center - UP DILIMAN

Mon and I had to eventually go, though, because we had to buy Diliman Republic items few stalls away for Faye’s brother. I was calling her several times but she wasn’t answering her phone. All the store had was just black hoodie jackets and the picture in her email had a maroon one. I was not sure whether I should take it because it was of the wrong color. Not until Mon had looked at Faye’s email — and he laughed. The color of the jacket in the email was black and not maroon. My colorblind-self just attacked.

Winter display window in the mall

We went to the mall to look for a gift for the baptismal of Jannet’s son tomorrow, Aleph. Few minutes after looking and she informed me that I will be a godfather! And there I was, thinking I will be just attending the reception. After buying a gift, we also saw this display window from Mango. I was always baffled by such ensemble because I don’t think that any fur or fur-adjacent garment do not fit our weather here, unless you live in Baguio or other place cold. But try dressing like that even in Sagada and you will look ridiculous. Anyway, I can’t believe over the price of these items.

However, it gave me an idea on what else to wear for December. Even if I did not win that leopard print jacket from Ebay two weeks ago, I will still keep my word that I will try to bring clothes that are brightly-colored or with an interesting print. What is brighter than a yellow puffer jacket?

Bright yellow puffer jacket from Timberland

If this WON’T keep me warm in winter, then I don’t know what else can. But as it is not easy to just ditch neutrals, I’ll be bringing this fail-safe one:

Black military-insipred belted trench coat with epaulette

I can’t stop talking about our trip, can I? LOL Then I realized, tomorrow afternoon will be the definite date that the results of our comprehensive exams will be released. But as I won’t be physically present to claim the results, Raisa and I just agreed to go this Tuesday morning together and share the agony of anticipation. In bocca al lupo!

Anticipating results: visa and exams

I got word yesterday from my friend Raisa (who is working in the South Korean Embassy in the Philippines) that Mon’s tourist visa has been already approved. We submitted our application last October 2 and it only took him three working days to have his visa processed because he had a US visa (albeit expired). However, even if I was already granted one last year, my application still takes five working days to process. Tomorrow will be my judgment day.

I’m so eager to get my passport tomorrow and see the result for myself. Frankly, I’ve been trying to contain myself from planning what I will be wearing for five days because what if I were not granted one? *knocks on wood* Anyway, at the back of my mind, I’ve been seriously planning on what clothes to bring. We don’t have winter here in the Philippines and I’m very curious on how I will handle winter fashion-wise, so this December trip will be very interesting. Heck I even stated point-blank in my visa application the ‘Purpose of Entry’ as “TOURISM – TO EXPERIENCE WINTER IN SOUTH KOREA”!

Winter gloves from Saizen - Philippines

Just last week, we even bought two pairs of gloves from Saizen for Php 85.00 a pair and I love the one with the ‘grips’. Well, we will most probably NOT be going skiing but I love the ‘grips’ anyway. Don’t get me started with the jackets because I’m already planning to go out of my ‘neutral zone’ and be more playful. I’ve been eyeing this leopard print jacket online, which is probably women’s but I don’t care. A good bunch of scarves will do the trick.

Leopard print jacket - Manila, Philippines

But then again, before I even go full throttle over this trip IF EVER I will be issued a visa , I have to first deal with the results of my comprehensive examinations. As it is already the second week of October, it will only be two weeks more before I find out how I fared last August. I’ve been keeping the subject of the exam results out of my head because the mere thought of them makes my stomach turn. Again, you can offer to pay me money but I will never want to have another go with the whole preparation process. The anticipation is killing me.

August was stressful. September was testing. October, on the other hand, is the month of anticipation. I just hope that things will turn out well this month for a change.