Winter perfect: PathFinder boots

Yet another post on the things I will be bringing for our winter trip to Seoul. =D The jackets that I will be wearing are all ready, but I still can’t decide on what shoes to bring. I thought of packing just two pair of shoes and I will definitely bring the brown 8-hole ones because they are the most comfortable out of the bunch. When we went to Seoul last year, I brought my white Nike Air Force 1 because I thought that any sports shoe would do the trick of keeping my feet from hurting. I was still wrong. The pair was comfortable, all right, but it did not stop my feet from aching after a day’s worth of walk. So the pair that I will be bringing with me next time should be the most comfortable.

Black PathFinder PF 8902 boots - shoes


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It was a wonderful day for thrifting!

Raberly Ukay Center - SM North Avenue Station

(Sorta ‘Mecca’, if only the air-conditioning was functioning well)

I previously mentioned that our momentary and impulsive move to visit the Ukay near MRT SM North Avenue did not yield favorable results to Mon but instead, gave me surprising finds. We were about to leave because they did not have winter boots in Mon’s size, but a pair of wonderful lace-up caught my eye. When I picked it up — it was Prada!

Not-So-Black Prada Leather Laceups - Manila, Philippines

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