Hello there, Piccadilly!

It’s Sunday and we had to visit my family where we had to be picked up in Cubao after a 30-minute scooter ride from Makati. We used to get “lost” navigating the streets of Metro Manila, but within those times we had to use our e-scooter from from work to Makati, or home in Marikina to Makati post the November 2020 disaster, we fairly know the streets we have to traverse to get from point A to B.

I usually use a nondescript/non-logo bag for these “long distance” rides, but I haven’t used this Mulberry Trout since I learned how to move around the city in our scooter. And speaking of Mulberry, I never got the chance to put here these big-ass Mulberry bags.


Going around with our electric scooter

In June 20, 2016, I wrote about how I have long since wanted a Mulberry Piccadilly, which I had originally expressed in a  Tumblr post from May 2012. But it has been actually since 2018 when I got my first Piccadilly! I also bought this from a trusted eBay seller here in Manila, from whom I previously got a Balenciaga Men’s Day. I even brought this Piccadilly to Taiwan in 2018.

On the other hand, I got the black Piccadilly from another local seller in 2019, where I had to haggle hard in person just to get it. Despite this, I could say that Mulberry has fallen off the fashion radar, and it has not been that noisy in the last few years since Emma Hill left in 2013.

A pair of Mulberry Piccadilly bags

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Ave Avedon!

Last weekend, I received three vintage magazines in the mail from my favorite seller: two US Vogue (February 1993 and April 1993) and an issue of American Photo March/April 1994. The third is a special one because it was dedicated to the great Avedon.

A whole issue dedicated to Richard Avedon - American Photo March-April1994

A whole issue dedicated to Richard Avedon: see the Diva (i.e. Dovima with the Elephants) wearing YSL for Christian Dior to the right? It is one of the top twenty most expensive photographs in history.

I can’t even remember when was the first time I’ve heard of his name, but I have a memory of his images from decades past.

When I first searched for Twiggy, Penelope Tree and Veruschka online, I found out much later on that most of their dreamy photographs were taken by Avedon. Twiggy’s headshot with those insanely long lashes, Penelope Tree with the black Halston dress with that ornate metal neck detail, and Veruschka in that epic Great Fur Caravan.

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Just a bit of color

I was perusing over things in my room at home, specifically looking for a children’s book I got from my grade school library. However, it took me more than four hours to find it and in the process, I was able these. I had amassed a substantial amount of French and Italian books, as well as some of previous Vogue magazines I did not bring to the apartment with me. I also saw these two neckties and a catalog, and this damaged silk scarf also resurfaced. I completely forgot about the catalog and I can’t even remember why I had one. It was either given as a free gift by one of the sellers from Ebay when I was still buying more than selling, or I got it dirt cheap so I bought it anyway.


Language books and Vogue magazines

Language books and Vogue magazines

Look what I found - Hermes silk neckties, Hermes silk scarf and a Louis Vuitton catalog

Look what I found

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Après une semaine dans notre nouvel appartement

Unlike most people who have difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar places, we had no such problem in our new apartment. We took the bed like fish to water. However, we had to quickly get accustomed to new habits such as where to get our clothes laundered the cheapest, or to look for much nearer carinderias to buy our lunch from. We loved the one in South Avenue, but it was no joke going up and down five flights of stairs, and walking several blocks under the sun (and in the coming weeks, rain). It was a lovely neighborhood in general, and I always have a grand time looking outside the window to view the lights of the buildings whenever we go home at night. We also have a fair share of stray cats around, and there was a pet store four houses away from us.

Blue-eyed, white kitty of the neighborhood

Blue-eyed, white kitty of the neighborhood

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After all the drama — Hedi’s first collection for Saint Laurent

Months ago, there were lots of issues over what will happen at Yves Saint Laurent  after Stefano Pilati left the house. First, who will be the designer? Then when Hedi Slimane (of the Dior Homme fame) was announced to be the next creative director, questions over the implication of being based in Los Angeles instead of Paris arose. To make matters more interesting, the rebranding (or harking back) to the ol’ Saint Laurent Paris raised eyebrows as it was a drastic departure to the iconic YSL brand.

When I saw thumbnails of the pictures of Saint Laurent S/S 2013 from Style.com, the dark color palette of the collection was obvious. I can’t help but remember Stefano Pilati’s view over color use when he was once asked by Anna Wintour in a scene from The September Issue:

Stefano Pilati explaining the use of color from The September Issue

(Screen capture from ‘The September Issue’)

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If Gaga were not on the cover…

Honestly, I never thought that it’d be this difficult to get this year’s September issue. I usually see the following month’s issue two weeks even before that particular month arrives, but I was surprised how tasking it was to obtain US Vogue September 2012.

Since I finished my exams on the 23rd, I resolved to buy an issue because buying it prior to the exam was a sure way to distract me from reviewing, given that it will be the largest ever in their 120-year history, surpassing 2007’s September issue by 76 pages (of advertisements).



National Bookstore Trinoma - US Vogue September 2012 Philippines

National Bookstore Trinoma

I was puzzled when Fully Booked (Gateway) did not have them, because I usually buy my copy from them, and even other book stores did not have a stock. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d hate seeing Marion Cotillard’s face everytime I comb the magazine section.

Last Saturday was my ultimatum. Mon and I went to Trinoma: first, Powerbooks and they did not have one. Next, to National Bookstore and I was first happy to see these fabulous ladies holding copies of the issue:

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The unnecessary boxing belts: Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012

It seems only yesterday when Versace presented its first couture collection in years. That first collection from January was stunning, with the usual shocking colors expected from the house. But when I saw the Fall/Winter 2012 pictures from Vogue Paris’ website, I knew right away that I’m not loving most of the looks.

Let’s start with what I did not like:

Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2012 --- hating those boxing belts

(Photo from Vogue.fr)

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Emma Stone for US Vogue – July 2012

Whenever I watch a movie these past few months, I’m constantly bombarded with The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. And then I’ve been thinking that for the month of July, Emma Stone will surely get the cover of US Vogue.

And I was right.

Anna Wintour became very predictable and the heroine/leading lady of a big and undeniably blockbuster movie once again bagged the cover.

US Vogue July 2012 - Emma Stone

(Photo from fashnberry.com)

But what about Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year? The Hunger Games was a big hit as well, but would Anna Wintour pick her over Adele, who she famously styled (in an unflattering all-black outfit) for the Grammys when she picked the Best New Artist award three years earlier?

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