South Korea, here we come again! Our 2022 application

Now that we have definite news on our visa application to South Korea, it now merits its own post. Finally, we got our visas for autumn 2022. Whew!

I have shared last July that we were supposed to go to South Korea, but we postponed that trip for Singapore. Having experienced summer back in 2011, and a couple of winters years ago, it made sense to go back for autumn instead. We, however, are no longer full-time employees. It was not a straightforward application as before and we found ourselves asking: how to even apply for a visa to South Korea as self-employed individuals/freelancers?

Queueing. And waiting

It took us weeks to prepare our documents because somehow, we felt that we may be missing requirements to prove that we have something to go back to. Granted we did register ourselves a couple of months ago, and we have graduate school to go back to (I have a compre and thesis to still work on), the application this time just seemed a bit complicated.

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Our visa for South Korea got approved!

Two weeks ago, I started preparing for the requirements of our visa application for South Korea, but slowly psyched myself out until last night — what if I get denied. O_O

I arrived in the office very eager to leave and immediately go to McKinley Hill.

I was very anxious because Raisa has still not replied whether she had already obtained my visa from the consular services. When she informed me that Mon was granted one last Monday, she was very quick to let me know.

My paranoia kicked in and I called her just to clear things up. Turned out, something was just wrong with the network and Mon’s cellphone even has no signal.

Chancery lobby - Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines - McKinley Hill

Not so sure if taking of photos was allowed

We arrived in the embassy and went immediately by the lobby of Chancery, where we waited for Raisa. The receptionist was already waiting for us and handed out our passports back to us. My first action was to shake the passport for signs of that dreaded white slip/paper, then search for my visa inside.

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Supporting your niece’s first dental appointment

When I went to the dentist last week, I asked if I can go back to have my niece’s teeth checked — it was Brie’s first dental appointment!

Her face was quite unreadable

I still remember her brother’s and it was a mayhem. He kept on thrashing around the dentist chair so we were anxious on how she will receive her first time. Fortunately, it was peaceful, save from 10 seconds of screaming because she felt some pain in the particular tooth that bothers her.

Big AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH - First dental appointment


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