Adulting 101: Taxes

It was Mon's turn with the registration officer

Mon’s turn with the registration officer

Back in March, I had a long soliloquy of the year that has passed: both wins and challenges. When I decided to leave being employed full-time, I knew that we’d have to also change our status from employed to self-employed in BIR, and file our taxes accordingly based from this.

We gave ourselves a deadline that by June, we had to finish this. And finished, we did.

I personally spent weeks researching about this. We knew that we’d rather do the registration ourselves because, well, DIY-ing is life. It is also always better to know the process so we are not caught off guard and we minimize surprises. We originally intended to hire someone to do it in our behalf, but we eventually opted otherwise as that’d still a couple of thousand of pesos. Yikes.

We had been longtime employees and these matters had been usually taken care for us by our respective HRs.

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