Preparing for the rainy days’ power outages

Last month, I have promised Mama that I will buy a generator for our house before the end of June as a preparation for the inevitable long power outages of the rainy days. So when I finally got my first ever pay from my new work, I have informed her that our most awaited trip to Raon would be finally happening. LOL I had been anticipating this moment, and I even shared this silly story to my nephew that I grew up envious of his godfather (and my brother’s friend) having a generator during the frequent blackouts of the early 90s (which prevented me from watching The Uncanny X-Men on Friday nights).

Inside Quiapo Church

Curry beef brisket and fish fillet from Wai Ying

I had considered getting one last December and I already canvassed for the home-use ones in malls. But my Kuya advised me to try buying from Raon instead from malls because the prices on the former were almost half from the latter. So after lunch, we travelled all the way to Manila to find the best deal around. We first dropped by Quiapo Church, then to Binondo to introduce Mama to my most favorite place in the area: Wai Ying!

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And I finally replaced my eyeglasses

Almost two months ago, about a week before my exams, the frame of my eyeglasses got broken. Being sporadically stingy, I chose not to spend anything and repaired it with some super glue and masking tape. LOL But while I was fixing my things for our trip tomorrow, I accidentally broke my glasses again.

My broken wayfarer eyeglasses frame

Apparently, it was beyond repair and I did not want to risk going out of town with a broken pair, unless I wanted the lens to just randomly fly out while in a boat ride. I’ve been looking the day before for the exact frame in the optical shops in Farmers Plaza, but it turned out that most of them, in spite of the resemblance, can’t exactly accommodate my multi-coated lens.

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