Since we had to conserve our leaves for the upcoming trip and impending holidays (must reserve for the parties and, of course, UP’s Lantern Parade), Mon and I decided to just have dinner somewhere else. We tagged Faye along to Ayala Triangle and found ourselves in Amici. I was initially under the impression that it would be my first time to dine in any Amici branch, but I was reminded that some office-related dinner was done in the branch near Don Bosco.

Amici, Ayala Triangle, Makati City

Mon and I - 4Y2M together And then the food came and we ordered just enough for the three of us. I love pesto a lot and I try to make it a point to order one from a new place and compare with other pestos that I’ve tasted. At first, I thought that I can’t properly taste my food because I had a runny nose and a sore throat, so I kept on adding salt every now and then. But when I tasted Faye’s chicken, it was fine (in fact, very delicious) that I came to the conclusion that my pasta was under-seasoned. Time to cross their pesto off my list forever. I forgot what Mon ordered but it was cream-based and also tasted good. We had to order extra garlic bread sticks though (focaccia to be exact), because apparently, some of their pasta are not automatically served with one. =/

Carbs overload from Amici, Ayala Triangle, Makati CityThe saving grace: dessert! We just had a single slice of the Mango Felicity cake (what a name), and our initial impression was that it was like a crema de fruta. Aside from the nice presentation, it was actually good because it wasn’t that sweet. I was more interested with the side though (I don’t know what it was properly called, the crust? Perhaps?), because it instantly reminded me of the pattern popularized by Gianni Versace usually found in the circle of the medusa.

Mango Felicity cake from Amici, Ayala Triangle, Makati City

The Versace Medusa

Photo from logoblog.info

Will we go back there? Not too sure. =) We might be looking out for other choices, unless somebody else will treat us. Happy 4Y2M again Mon! <3

And two more months before the fourth!

Mon and I were on halfday leave earlier because it was our 3rd year and 10th month together! Last month, we also did the same thing — movie with dinner because we still had to go to work, even for half of our normal shift. We watched “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and it was really good! Quite bloody but what can I expect from a vampire movie! (Not unless we include that movie with the sparkly vampires *shudders*).

And I did not know that Erin Wasson was there! She was malevolent and I had to explain to Mon that he has already seen her. I even had to mention that she was on the first episode of the Cycle 16 of ANTM, the one with the giant bubble on the runway with the contestants modelling Alexander Wang. It was only then that he recalled. =P

Meatlover's pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges - Marciano's Greenbelt 3

Meatlover’s pizza, Legally Blonde pasta and my favorite potato wedges

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