90s? Grunge it is!

This Saturday, a friend and former teammate will turn 25 and he’ll be hosting a birthday party for his friends and family. However, since he did not have a chance to dress-up last Halloween, he decided to have a costume party and bring back the spirit of the 90s!

Coincidentally, last Halloween, I have expressed my limited knowledge of 90s fashion. I can’t even fully remember or I fully regret my clothing choices back in the 90s. I used to wear sandals with socks because it used to be à la mode. At one point, I even tried wearing neon socks with my school uniform because almost everybody was doing it. I was such a sheep. Looking back, the memory of that pop of color by our ankles while walking makes me shiver.

Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis and his take on grunge

Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy - Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis

Back to the upcoming event, I was racking my brain on what I will be wearing. I did not want it to be too costume-y nor shell out money to but things I’d probably wear once because I’m pinching the penny for our upcoming trip. Then, while listening to my iPod on shuffle, Celebrity Skin played… *boom!* No, not Courtney Love, but with Hole in mind, I suddenly recalled Kurt Cobain and the whole grunge movement. I definitely ruled out the second-half of the 90s as inspiration, but the first-half definitely tickled my fancy. Grunge perfectly fits this and I love the disheveled plaid, flannel, dirty jeans, and, of course, Doc Martens!

I’m trying to recall the things I have in my closet and I pretty much have all of them except a ripped pair of jeans. Should I sacrifice one I currently have, or just look for a really beaten up pair somewhere in the storage room? I think the latter was the most viable option. I now feel more excited to try putting things together and see if I can build a grunge ensemble.