90s? Grunge it is!

This Saturday, a friend and former teammate will turn 25 and he’ll be hosting a birthday party for his friends and family. However, since he did not have a chance to dress-up last Halloween, he decided to have a costume party and bring back the spirit of the 90s!

Coincidentally, last Halloween, I have expressed my limited knowledge of 90s fashion. I can’t even fully remember or I fully regret my clothing choices back in the 90s. I used to wear sandals with socks because it used to be à la mode. At one point, I even tried wearing neon socks with my school uniform because almost everybody was doing it. I was such a sheep. Looking back, the memory of that pop of color by our ankles while walking makes me shiver.

Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis and his take on grunge

Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy - Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis

Back to the upcoming event, I was racking my brain on what I will be wearing. I did not want it to be too costume-y nor shell out money to but things I’d probably wear once because I’m pinching the penny for our upcoming trip. Then, while listening to my iPod on shuffle, Celebrity Skin played… *boom!* No, not Courtney Love, but with Hole in mind, I suddenly recalled Kurt Cobain and the whole grunge movement. I definitely ruled out the second-half of the 90s as inspiration, but the first-half definitely tickled my fancy. Grunge perfectly fits this and I love the disheveled plaid, flannel, dirty jeans, and, of course, Doc Martens!

I’m trying to recall the things I have in my closet and I pretty much have all of them except a ripped pair of jeans. Should I sacrifice one I currently have, or just look for a really beaten up pair somewhere in the storage room? I think the latter was the most viable option. I now feel more excited to try putting things together and see if I can build a grunge ensemble.

J’adore mon Epi Noir!

And it finally arrived! I can’t even remember that I was disappointed with the Globe GCASH ‘fiasco’ I had yesterday the moment I opened the parcel.

Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Key Pochette Cles details, key-ring, embossed LV initial and Monogram Wallet - Manila, Philippines

I know I loved my lost Marc Jacobs coin purse, whose lost I had constantly complained about, but I can’t be more happy of this replacement! I knew deep down that I did not have to rush in buying any coin purse because I was secretly hoping to find a reasonably priced epi leather item or even just a nice looking leather coin purse. And after more than two months of searching, I finally have another one! Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the key-ring because it makes the item more feminine. But as I can easily hide it inside, it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. The compartment itself isn’t that roomy, though. Sure I can fit in a few cards and train tickets, but it can’t fit the usual amount of coins the same way my old one did.

Chinese collar polo, jeans, 8-hole Doc Martens, J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag

Today is Friday and I was originally about to go to UP and return books that are already overdue (not just for a month, but even more!). I can’t wait for tomorrow because we will be ‘treasure hunting’ and most of all, I’ve been wanting to watch ‘Taken 2’ since last week! Happy Friday it is!




I lost my Marc Jacobs coin purse!

This day has already annoyed the hell out of me. I woke up early just to go to school because it turned out that the second page of my essay for the Part 3 of my compre exam was NOT included in the photocopy. Good thing I was allowed to print the missing two pages in the department so no harm done. It went really okay and smooth.Lost compre answer - UP PolSci department - UP Diliman, Philippines

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If Gaga were not on the cover…

Honestly, I never thought that it’d be this difficult to get this year’s September issue. I usually see the following month’s issue two weeks even before that particular month arrives, but I was surprised how tasking it was to obtain US Vogue September 2012.

Since I finished my exams on the 23rd, I resolved to buy an issue because buying it prior to the exam was a sure way to distract me from reviewing, given that it will be the largest ever in their 120-year history, surpassing 2007’s September issue by 76 pages (of advertisements).



National Bookstore Trinoma - US Vogue September 2012 Philippines

National Bookstore Trinoma

I was puzzled when Fully Booked (Gateway) did not have them, because I usually buy my copy from them, and even other book stores did not have a stock. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d hate seeing Marion Cotillard’s face everytime I comb the magazine section.

Last Saturday was my ultimatum. Mon and I went to Trinoma: first, Powerbooks and they did not have one. Next, to National Bookstore and I was first happy to see these fabulous ladies holding copies of the issue:

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