Finally in Coron – Day 2: Getting around the town

For the second day, which is technically our first day for the trip, I woke up looking forward to the food that the lodge has for us. Normally, they would ask guests to pick from their menu the breakfast that would be served for tomorrow.

Breakfast Day 1

Breakfast – technically Day 1

The restaurant inside the lodge

The restaurant inside the lodge

After breakfast, we had the chance to go around the town proper and see where can we find the places that we need. There’s BPI about two blocks away from the lodge, then there’s Julie’s Bakeshop a couple of meters from us. The town proper is as idyllic as it gets. No brash noises and you can just walk around without worrying for your safety. However, I was worried more of the mosquitoes upon hearing that there was a dengue outbreak quite recently. We almost did not push through with the trip, but thought that citronella and Off! lotion can do the trick.

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