Furniture adventure: a day in Paco, Manila

Furniture Adventure- A Day in Paco, Manila - BRYOLOGUE

I’ve been writing a lot lately about our apartment, and what we have been doing to make the place feel more like home. We began by changing the color of the walls from yellow to mint green, as well as bringing in the essentials such as the sofa bed (which I read as a good small bedding idea), exhaust fan and a mirror (lol priorities).

Mon brought home a couple of acrylic paints and blank canvases when he went home last Wednesday, and he had painted two colorful bunch of swirls, which I put on top of that mirror for the obligatory pop of color on the walls.

Mon had fun with acrylic paints and blank canvases, and came up with this colorful pair of abstract paintings

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Lessons from a bus ride

Just kidding. I won’t be giving a mock epiphany over a bus ride, the same way an article of a ditzy girl from a school in Katipunan had gone viral earlier this week and received lots of criticisms.

Anyway, I had an unfortunate incident before leaving the house and tripped and midly sprained my left ankle. I then chose not to take the MRT out of fear of taking another wrong step and rolling down the stairs to see the end of me.

As much as possible, I avoid taking an airconditioned bus because I can’t stand the air conditioning mixed with those My Shaldan and pine tree-shaped air fresheners. Just the thought of smelling them made me instantaneously nauseous. As I always claim, I can ride an ordinary bus or a long jeepney ride but not an air conditioned bus. However, as years passed by, I finally developed a better tolerance, unless the bus really stinks.

Belofied App billboard - EDSA Greenhills - Vicky Belo

Belofied App billboard

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