2018 Wrap-Up Mega Post

Before 2018 ends, it is time for my year-end essay! I will compensate for my inability to update the last few months with this mega post.

Compared to the holidays of the previous years, this year is quite laid back. It was not as frantic as before.

Ayala Malls Circuit's Christmas decoration

Ayala Malls Circuit’s Christmas decoration

One of the things I am proudest of this 2018 is that I was able to make better choices for my health. This includes a change in my diet, and a better drive to exercise regularly.

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It’s a wrap, 2017! (My year-end essay LOL)

And just like that, another year has ended! While everybody on Facebook is busy submitting their year-end essay, I chose to post a haiku because, well, I have this page to write to my heart’s content! ^_^

The haiku is roughly translated as:


Last day of the year

And later, it’ll be the first

So go, eat some more!

Not shading everyone on Facebook, writing lengthy stuff about their year. I was just being cheeky! I actually enjoy reading them, save for some with irrelevant #humblebrag.

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Travel/Work Thailand: Last stretch and Mon’s arrival

*extremely picture-heavy post

As mentioned in the previous post, I had to stay for two more days in Thailand to attend another set of training. Only about sixteen of us stayed.

I almost arrived late during the first day on, Thursday, which was a bad thing because the venue was at the same hotel. But on my way to the meeting room, I bumped into Asuka. She was looking for me because she will be on her way to the airport to go back to Japan. I thought she was staying for another day and I forgot that she had to leave so soon. This is one final encounter worth getting late for!

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Travel/Work Thailand: bye Kanchanaburi and River Kwai!

*extremely picture-heavy post

After several days of stay in Kanchanaburi, our stay had to come to an end. I know that at one point people began getting tired of the lessons, but hey, it was needed.LOL I feel the energy dwindling a bit on the last two days and there was a slight decrease of participation from almost everyone.

I still got to hand it to the trainers, though, because they were unwavering. Oh the things you think of when you have seen it all already!

Our training quarters

Our training quarters

I even had to the time to write ‘Invictus’ thrice. I could not believe I still remember the poem by heart.

Handwritten Invictus

Handwritten Invictus by William Ernest Henley

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