Rainy Sunday

Rainy afternoon by the veranda, with some Ikea Ashkolmenchairs, Tärnö table and a synhetic woven egg swing copy

Veranda at home, with some Ikea Ashkolmen chairs, a Tärnö table and a synthetic woven egg swing. I think we’ve watched too much KDrama since the start of the pandemic, thus this aesthetic 😬

It was Sunday the 31st of July, and we are a hop and skip away from August 1. We normally visit on Sundays to have lunch with my family in our house in the uplands, as it was unthinkable to even travel on a Saturday.

We did it once 2 weeks ago and the travel time was horrendous. It took 2 hours coming from Makati  and at least 3 hours on the way back. To think that we spent only around 4 hours home, it was, for the lack of better word, traumatic. Thus, I made an arrangement with Mon if we could always just visit on a Sunday unless we can’t help it.

It was a very cloudy day and it was obvious that it would rain hard. It may be because of the continuously rising oil prices that there were not too many vehicles on the road, but it only took us a bit more than an hour to reach home.

Despite being the actual homeowner (as I am still in the process of transferring the title under my name), the guards at the gate of the subdivision still usually ask where I am headed to. They don’t recognize me at all. That was not the case whenever my father would fetch us nearby as they obviously knew him/them, as they are the ones living there.

Watching my 9-year old cat

Watching my 9-year old cat

One of the first things we usually do as soon as we arrive is check on the 2 dogs and the cat. While we were smothered by the dogs, our cat, Miso is the eternal ambivalent lady of the house.

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Memory enhancers: Ginkgo biloba

I have never tried taking memory enhancers until today. Desperate times need desperate measures. I’m just reminded of that scene in Harry Potter where Ron and Harry were desperate participants in the heavy trade of memory enhancers to help them in their O.W.L. exams. Hermione confiscated them because: a) they don’t work, and b) they are sometimes dangerous.

Glutaphos tablets - Manila, Philippines

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“YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T BE LAZY!” These books are now ‘On Shelf’!

Since I had gotten last week the list of required book readings for my International Studies comps two weeks from now, I waited for these two key textbooks to be returned. That abysmally delinquent very busy person was supposed to return both of these on July 2, 2012 but had the sense only after more than three weeks.I've been waiting for a long time! At last!

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Broken glasses, why now?

Am I reviewing that hard?

I can’t believe my luck just now. I was just wiping my eyeglasses because it got a bit grimy from hours of facing all of these readings; then POOF! Broken glasses!

I just got the leftover Mighty Bond superglue from my previous DIY repair of my Bayswater but I’m dubious that it will hold for a long time. Good thing I had the sense to store the tube inside the refrigerator as indicated in the instructions card or else I totally have nothing. I have a language proficiency exam tomorrow and I don’t need these glasses to break down in the worst possible time. I might get a new frame because I just had my eyes refracted last May and the lens have the correct grade now.

If only I have Hermione to do some “Oculus reparo” here now…

Oh sunny day!

I did not bother bringing an umbrella today because I have a feeling that it will not rain. Hopefully I’m right. If not, I have no idea how to protect my bag from the rain.

Stripes shirt, Brick colored pants, Mulberry Wexford Messenger Briefcase and Brown 8-hole Doc Martens - Mulberry Bag Philippines

Stripes shirt, Brick colored pants, Mulberry Wexford Messenger Briefcase and Brown 8-hole Doc Martens

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