Brie’s DIY Lady Rainicorn costume!

When we were informed almost a month ago that this year’s Trick or Treat would have “Adeventure Time” as its theme, I was at a lost because I had zero knowledge of the cartoon. LOL Thanks to Google and I began to understand its universe. It was really a silly show with lots of innuendos, but thanks to Lady Rainicorn, I had been cracking up since I’ve learned she speaks ONLY Korean! It was one of the most bizaare things I’ve heard and the nonchalant way that the dog, Jake, responds to her cracked me up even more.

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn


In the Candy Kingdom

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Monday Blues

I have received an email last week from our HR, instructing us to come in business casual for a shoot. O_O Well, since I’d be celebrating my fifth year in the company this December, I was included in the list of people who’d be getting one of those company-associated Charriol bracelets.

"Céline blue" from Vogue Paris' Facebook page

Anyway, I immediately thought of wearing something I’ve never worn before and I call it “Céline blue” because I’ve seen this wonderful street style photo by Tommy Ton (I think) from Paris Fashion Week last month. I like how bright and vibrant the color was and I was up for anything to combat the dreary Monday.

Royal Blue Longsleeves and blue Cocks and Clocks Hermès Necktie - Manila, Philippines

Royal Blue Longsleeves and blue Cocks and Clocks Hermès Necktie - details - Manila, Philippines

I don’t usually wear a necktie and I always find myself Google-ing ‘windsor knot’ or ‘half-windsor knot’ whenever I was about to wear one. The photo above pretty much shows my ineptitude in doing one.

Mad Hatter-inspired hat - Manila, Philippines

Mad Hatter-inspired hat with my date of employment - Manila, Philippines

Also, we were to wear a hat in one of the photos because the idea was “Hats off to you!” or something because we allowed the company to (enslave us for half a decade and more, just kidding) be our home for a long time. I immediately thought that guys would have fedoras and baseball caps as their default hats. Of course, I didn’t want to wear something similar to them, so we searched the Halloween costume sections last Saturday for a top hat because I had the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ in mind. But the closest thing we found was not so tall at all and I just bought things to make it look less severe.

It took me more than two hours to make my hat but it just took me about five minutes to have my pictures taken. We were also to record a video, answering questions such as lessons learned from my stay in the company. But as my knee-jerk answers were best left on my mind, I just opted not to record mine. I’d rather be true to myself than be all-Dove-like-testimony-advertisement about it.