Turn the lights on!

So, today marks 5Y2M and we had a perfect excuse to finally watch Thor: The Dark World ! We booked our seats online but I just realized upon claiming the tickets that there was no need to reserve them. It was senior citizen day and we were queueing next to excited elderlies who were either watching Thor with us, or a Filipino horror movie. I just felt bad for the unnecessary Php 40 admin fees we paid.

Before the movie played, I was not too crazy over the new Captain America trailer. It was too ‘boys night out’ and not enough fantasy for my liking. As for the movie itself, I was so happy that Kat Dennings got too have more screentime than the first installment. I have always loved her in Two Broke Girls and I also recently watched the ‘Hot Child in the City‘ episode of SATC, where she was this filthy-mouthed adoloscent schooling Samantha. I have always loved Natalie Portman but Kat Dennings stole the show with her comedic timing and sarcasm. There was also the usual gratuitous scene of Thor for the girls and the girls-at-heart, and lots of smashing of extraterrestials. Anyway, it was an awesome movie, thanks in large part to the right humorous parts inserted here and there. I knew I would be laughing while watching this movie because the first movie pretty much made me expect it. I can’t comment on the length because it was almost the same as the other MARVEL movies, but several of the people who watched with us clearly dozed off. Bless them.

Uncanny Valley Thor in Glorietta

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And so I thought it would rain…

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Chinese collar polo, brown skinny pants, Gucci coated canvas messenger bag, brown 8-hole Doc Martens boots

… but turned out I was terribly wrong. Well, it drizzled for a few minutes on my way to work but it was mostly windy. As we are obliged to wear business casual from Monday to Thursday, I’m still doing my best to work within the rules they have set out.

As I’ve read somewhere, rules are there for people to know what NOT to do. Upon reading the guidelines set by the HR, sneakers and other athletics footwear are prohibited. It did not say anything about people not allowed to wear boots; and if I remember correctly, women are allowed to do so. I consider that as a form of gender discrimination. Just kidding.


Brown 8-hole Doc Martens boots