A trip to Makati Cinema Square

We have been living in Makati for more than a year now, but I have never visited Makati Cinema Square. From what I’ve heard from people and read online, it is a treasure trove for secondhand goods – from clothes to home decoration. While our original plan was to visit the streets of Bangkal for used home stuff, the weather was too hot to to deal with and it was best to just stay in one place. I had to first ship a couple of items via JRS Express, and I was surprised that the branch was asking me for 4% additional payment for the declared value of the items. I would have foregone using their services, but one buyer specifically asked to have her items be picked-up in a JRS Express branch. Anyway, I was already itching to look around the ukays to see if maybe I’d get lucky with a couple of things.

If I were to assess the ukays in this building compared to the one in Anonas, the latter was easier to navigate since it was a single area dedicated to secondhand stores. We had a harder time jumping from one ukay to another because it was also like Farmers Plaza, with food stalls and pirated DVD stores in the mix. It was also unfortunate that the larger stores with airconditioning had new arrivals, hence had higher price for their items. LOL I love a good challenge on the heavily discounted ones, and it breaks my heart to pay “full price” for them.

Sounds like a Kris Aquino movie

Sounds like a Kris Aquino movie

Getting lost inside this labyrinth of vintage and secondhand home trinkets in Makati Cinema Square

Getting lost inside this labyrinth of vintage and secondhand home trinkets in Makati Cinema Square

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My blog turns two today!

I’m fond of saying “How time flies!”, yet I won’t back down using the expression again. My blog turns two today, and I only realized it this afternoon. There might be considerable lows in terms of post turnout lately, but I think I might be slowly catching up. However, there is still that task of putting tags and properly categorizing each entries — in the coming days, maybe. (See my new banner above ^_^) It is worth mentioning also that June has finally arrived. Summer has passed and I still haven’t touched any sand from the beach, let alone a swimming pool. Every around 3:00 PM, the rain clouds begin forming, officially signalling the start of the rainy season. I’ve been wanting to bring my 14-hole Doc Martens with me to the apartment because they are the most weatherproof of all the boots that I have. For some weird reasons, I cannot find its shoelaces and I think that I should buy another pair from the shoe stores in Farmers Plaza.

Rain clouds over Bonifacio Global City

Rain clouds over Bonifacio Global City

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Furniture adventure: a day in Paco, Manila

Furniture Adventure- A Day in Paco, Manila - BRYOLOGUE

I’ve been writing a lot lately about our apartment, and what we have been doing to make the place feel more like home. We began by changing the color of the walls from yellow to mint green, as well as bringing in the essentials such as the sofa bed (which I read as a good small bedding idea), exhaust fan and a mirror (lol priorities).

Mon brought home a couple of acrylic paints and blank canvases when he went home last Wednesday, and he had painted two colorful bunch of swirls, which I put on top of that mirror for the obligatory pop of color on the walls.

Mon had fun with acrylic paints and blank canvases, and came up with this colorful pair of abstract paintings

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Surplus shopping!

I am not the person to shy away from a good buy, as I’m always in the process of looking for bargain items. *winks* I knew of two surplus shops in Araneta Center: one was HMR Surplus, while the other was MSM Surplus. The former was more “upscale” (due to airconditioning), while the latter was in a newly-occupied stall beside Farmers Market. I have never been inside both of them until today, and I was expecting to buy at least a reasonable price for a functional item we can use in the apartment.

First stop, HMR Surplus. They are occupying a really large space on the ground floor of Telus Buuilding, just behind Araneta Coliseum. They made me leave my bag in the counter, and I was not sure whether they allow usage of cameras inside, so I only have my cellphone camera to work with, thus the less-than-desirable resolution of the photos.

HMR Surplus in Telus, Araneta Center, Cubao

I am not a fan of buying electronic equipment from surplus/secondhand stores, because I’ve seen enough Imbestigador episodes where a fire has started from surplus-bought appliances. I was looking for sleek furniture (closet, storage box or table) because we can’t afford to have bulky pieces.  I beelined to the furniture section to see if they have interesting items, and I was happy to see the type of items we wish to have.

But when I searched for the price tag, I was shocked. They were not remotely cheap for a surplus item, and most of them are priced higher than what SM sells. It was not as if they were selling hardwood furniture, but they almost have the same type of modular, pre-assembled materials as SM. Not gonna happen.

Stackable storage drawers at Php 1,790 each --- yikes - HMR Surplus

But I found one item that I will most probably buy if money were not an issue. I found four stackable drawers on top of each other and they have the exact storage capacity that I needed. I imagined the type of things I would put inside, but at Php 1,790 each, I will not bother buying even one. however, It gave me a good idea of the type of storage I will use because we need as many multifunctional items in our small room.

So I left HMR Surplus and went next to MSM Surplus. I think they have opened barely three weeks month ago, because they still have that loud music playing, which was very typical of newly-opened stores in the Philippines. LOL

MSM Surplus in Farmers Market, Cubao
Trinkets found on the 2nd floor of MSM Surplus - Farmers, Cubao

They have toys, shoes, bags, picture frames, appliances, household goods and even clothes in their two-storey store. They have a membership of Php 100, which gives the member a 10% discount, but I’m not too sure how much of help that would be. Again, I went straight away to the household goods and saw old lighting fixtures, paintings, and kitchenware. They do not have a lot of furniture, though I saw a little table or two inside. But what caught my eye was this solid black frame from Melannco, which I considered as the perfect size to use as an exhaust fan frame. I don’t think we can do a lot of things inside the apartment, which includes making a hole in the wall big enough to accommodate an exhaust fan. We can use a little more of ventilation and I saw the smallest, 6-ince exhaust fan from Western appliances in farmers.

A solid Melannco frame I bought for Php 175

There was no problem taking photos inside this surplus shop, and as my hands were quite shaky, I did not bother getting macro/detailed shots of other items. I knew right away that I needed this frame, but how expensive this could be? So when I approached the lady upstairs, she took a look at it, flipped it up and down twice and priced in at Php 175. I was hoping it would be for sale at around Php 100, but it was clear that she can price it at php 200 and I’d still get it. And as if she was dubious I would do a small skullduggery, she made it a point to rush downstairs just to inform the cashier of the frame’s price. LOL

A 6-inch Imarflex exhaust fan for our small apartment

After securing the frame, I needed the exhaust fan. Another DIY project in the making and I hope I can do something to make it fit snugly  inside the frame.