For some “Fashion Ball” — we wore a T-Shirt!

The month has barely changed from November to December and it was already our company’s yearend event a.k.a. Christmas party. On one hand, why was it so early? Other companies might not have even released their 13th month pay and yet we already had our party. On the other hand, I was quite delighted with the date because it meant less traffic and it would be easier to go to-and-from the venue. And for the first time after four years, I went to the party without Faye as she was still out of the country!


The jampacked PICC Plenary Hall

Mon and I were really pinching the penny because of our trip next week so we decided to keep our outfit simple. I was initially over the Moon with the supposed Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme top that I was about to wear, but the cancellation of the transaction meant that I had only a day to look for something to wear. Then, why bother? Let’s just wear a similar shirt!

My 'extended arm' picture taking skills still work

We have a knack for coordinating our outfits and the last time we did so was in 2010 during a ‘masquerade theme’ Christmas party.

Military-inspired jackets with painstakingly-made epaulettes from 2010's Christmas Party

Anyway, we traditionally invite a guest host every party (a celebrity) but this year, we invited two hosts. First was Rovilson Fernandez (from the ‘Amazing Race Asia’ fame, whose partner Marc Nelson has coincidentally hosted our party last, last year) and Joey Mead (current judge on ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’). Rovilson was unexpectedly funny because I thought that he’d end up being like Marc, who was eloquent, but lacking in the humor department. I had high expectations with Rovilson because Luis Manzano really carried the whole event last year, so the former had big shoes to fill and it was surprisingly well-done. As for Joey Mead, the girl was a goddess. My jaw dropped because I did not expect her to be that beautiful, and the girl can really walk. O_O

Rovilson Fernandez and Joey Mead --- such a beauty

Joey Mead schooling everybody over her runway skills

Anyway, more than the hosts, I had a great time seeing interesting looks from others who attended the party. There were several fashion contests/segments and there were two outfits that really caught my attention. The first one was a girl wearing a tuxedo and I think that it was an excellent take on Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘le smoking‘. What I loved most about it was the fact that she was not tall nor extremely skinny but she did not end up looking like a penguin. I was living for her! Her ensemble reminded me of one of Minzy’s (from 2NE1) look from the ‘Can’t Nobody‘ music video. And the second one was this, let’s admit it, costume and replica of Lady GaGa’s infamous red lace outfit from 2009 MTV VMA. I was not familiar with the candle thing but maybe GaGa carried something similar to that but the people went crazy when he got at the end of the runway and blew the flame off. Werq!

Ugh. Why an out-of-focus shot. I really love this girl's interpretation of Saint Laurent's 'Le Smoking' - it also reminded me of Minzy's look in the 'Can't Nobody' music video

'Le Smoking' Minzy in 2NE1's 'Can't Nobody' music video
(Photo from

Chanelling Lady GaGa's 2009 MTV VMA red lace outfit --- that was some MAJOR dedication

But I was more happy to see Mon go up the stage with his teammates, to accept an award recognizing their efforts. I really liked how he looked on stage with a leather jacket and white skinny jeans, together with that black shirt. I had been pitching to him the idea of wearing this leather jacket I personally intended to use for our trip to Seoul and he only agreed last minute before we left the house.

Mon and his teammates, recognized on stage

Mon looked dashin' =D

The food was great as well. I couldn’t remember who was the caterer last night but we had several trips back to the buffet table. I didn’t even care about dieting nor the fact that I was still drinking CarbTrim — let’s now see your efficacy! Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, I was unlucky with the raffle. I was so unlucky that my ticket number 1414 was almost picked several times. The numbers, 1412, 1413, 1415 and 1417 were picked out of the bowl, as well as 1424, 1434 and also 1484. Fate has to remind me again that I should work hard if I want something and not be dependent on luck.

With his, hopefully, winning ticket for the raffle

To make matter worse, the committee in charge of the program had to drastically and deliberately delay the raffling off of the MacBooks. There was a band who sang non-stop for more than 30 minutes, as if it was a shaking-off medley to test the people waiting for the raffle. It actually worked because when they began drawing out stubs, a string of names had been called and the people were no longer present. It was literally a drawn out event that the whole thing had not finished until a little past 2 AM.

Mon and I's most decent picture together using my camera LOL - Manila, Philippines "mulberry bag philippines" comme des garçons
(The best picture that our crazy and energetic officemates can take, given the festive atmosphere)

I just dragged Mon to the ‘wall’ (or whatever you call it) because we haven’t had our picture taken with it. The raffle was almost over when we positioned ourselves to take pictures and we had to rush taking each others’ photos. We then ran out of the venue, a time-tested tactic of ours, to avoid the rush of people scrambling to go home.

Black 'Red Heart' shirt from Play by Comme des Garcons, brick pants, black 8-hole Doc Martens, black Mulberry Bayswater in Congo leather - "mulberry bag philippines"


A better shot of the two of us!

We got home in about an hour, which was pretty fast, considering we went all the way to Marikina. I just felt a bit nauseous, maybe because of the glutton-fest that had happened a few hours back that I had to drink a can of pineapple juice. When I was already checking over my bag from last night, I was mortified to see that the bottle of alcohol inside had accidentally opened and spilled on the bottom of my Bayswater. >_< I was hoping it would dry off but as it has already happened last night, then the mark will most probably be permanent. Why haven’t I checked on it last night? I could have done something to prevent it. Big consolation: the liquid hasn’t penetrated the leather and the finishing/sheen from the outside was not affected.

Alcohol stain inside my Mulberry Bayswater

All in all, the alcohol stain hasn’t dampened my spirit. I had a fun night even if that raffle has annoyed the hell out of me.

Almost “Yohji”

This Saturday, our company will have our Christmas party and it will be the earliest one I’d have in almost five years of working in this company. I knew much earlier that it was a ‘Fashion Ball’ and I was honestly not excited about it. Of course, I love dressing up every once in a while and this yearend event usually is that one outlet for me to try out my DIY skills, outfit-wise. The thing is, Mon and I don’t really fancy spending money on a tailored and personalized ensemble because of our impending trip. I just intended to wear something from my wardrobe and call a day.

Give me luck, ticket!And then, I saw this Yohji Yamamato Pour Homme asymemtrical top available on and my heart stopped. My plan not to spend money for an outfit suddenly went out of the window. The trouble was, the auction was to end on a time when I usually travel to work. i have a mobile connection 24/7 but I could’t risk losing the item to a last minute bid. What I did was travel halfway to work, logged in an internet café and marched to a full-on bidding war. I was victorious. I immediately asked for an invoice and paid within the hour.

Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme asymmetrical top - Manila, Philippines

But ‘lo and behold, I woke up the next day with a text message from the seller, telling me that he can’t ship the item because he noticed last minute that there was a big rip on the item. O_O He offered me a chance to exchange it to one of his current items on sale, but as all of his items for sale are for ladies, I declined and just asked for a refund.

I was extremely distraught because just as I considered putting an effort and spending a little for a Yohji Yamamoto, I eventually ended up with nothing. So, I might actually just wear a shirt this Saturday. LOL



One last scarf

Yet again, something arrived yesterday. I only have one scarf at home that I will bring this December and I needed another one. I’ve read somewhere online that they recommend buying your winter things in Korea but as I think I’d be better off bringing most of the things on my own, I’d just risk it. LOL

Missoni scarf

Missoni Sciarpe tag

When Mon and I were talking earlier about what else we’d be bringing, Mama chimed in and mentioned that she has a few winter things in our cabinet upstairs. After several minutes, she went back down with a pile of winter accessories and we were happy to see she had two pairs of thermal pants she used before when she was still working in Britain! We were already planning to buy from Greenhills at the end of the month, but as she already lent us two, then we’ll definitely save some money!

Thermals for winter

The most surprising item in the pile was these leather gloves — it was a pair of Ermenegildo Zegna! O_O How come we have these and I didn’t know of them? I had been looking for a pair of leather gloves since last month and all along we have one stashed in the bowels of our closet. But as Mon still didn’t have a pair to use (because the one store selling gloves a month ago did not have his size), he was happy to see that the pair of Zegna perfectly fits his hands.

Black Ermenegildo Zegna leather gloves

I found out that this pair was brought home by my father back in 2007. I was highly doubtful he’d buy something like this because he works in Doha where there was no winter, then I was told that it was just given to him by his boss. The leather was still excellent with a cashmere lining. I’ve seen the same pair (albeit in brown) being sold on for $ 219.99!

Similar pair of Ermenegildo Zegna leather gloves on Ebay

We’re having quite a dilemma, though. Our flight back home leaves at 7:30 AM and we intend to stay in Incheon City for our last day, close to the airport. We might be staying in a guesthouse five minutes away from the airport, but their own shuttle service operates at 5:50 AM. We’d most likely hope to leave earlier at around 4:30 AM and we are not sure what time the free airport shuttle in the area will start to operate. The last thing we can do will be to take the cab from the guesthouse to the airport, but I’m worried that the taxi stop might be far from our place. We also considered staying in “Spa on Air” but reading reviews online quite discourage me from booking. Both of us are perfectly okay to sleep in the airport, but as Mon can sleep in a snap and I’m the biggest distrustful person in the world, I won’t be able to sleep and will be most likely wide awake to guard our things. I know Incheon International Airport has a good reputation for being safe but I’m not to keen to risk it. I’d rather walk from the guesthouse to the airport at 4:30 AM in the middle of winter than get hoodwinked/robbed (which the staff mentioned to be about 10 minutes —- but I highly doubt that timeframe).

J’adore mon Epi Noir!

And it finally arrived! I can’t even remember that I was disappointed with the Globe GCASH ‘fiasco’ I had yesterday the moment I opened the parcel.

Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Key Pochette Cles details, key-ring, embossed LV initial and Monogram Wallet - Manila, Philippines

I know I loved my lost Marc Jacobs coin purse, whose lost I had constantly complained about, but I can’t be more happy of this replacement! I knew deep down that I did not have to rush in buying any coin purse because I was secretly hoping to find a reasonably priced epi leather item or even just a nice looking leather coin purse. And after more than two months of searching, I finally have another one! Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the key-ring because it makes the item more feminine. But as I can easily hide it inside, it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. The compartment itself isn’t that roomy, though. Sure I can fit in a few cards and train tickets, but it can’t fit the usual amount of coins the same way my old one did.

Chinese collar polo, jeans, 8-hole Doc Martens, J. Peterman Counterfeit Mailbag

Today is Friday and I was originally about to go to UP and return books that are already overdue (not just for a month, but even more!). I can’t wait for tomorrow because we will be ‘treasure hunting’ and most of all, I’ve been wanting to watch ‘Taken 2’ since last week! Happy Friday it is!