Monette in the office!

Monday means back to work but I was more excited to wear the pair of khaki pants I have picked up yesterday! And because of the Chinese New Year, I decided to wear my Chinese collar polo — stupid excuse, I know. LOL

Blue stripes Chinese collar polo, skinny khaki pants, black Prada tessuto and saffiano messenger and black 8-hole Doc Martens with buckle and straps

Everything was normal, a usual day in the office when I suddenly got a text message from a friend of ours. Monette was in the area and told us she’d drop by the office and we were extremely happy to see her. She was in overdrive, though, and we can tell that she was extremely happy to see us. Ho ho ho. Monette, I know you are reading this and we were so delighted to see you! ^_^

Faye, Monette and I

And then… there were five!

In a snap yesterday, I had acquired another pair of Doc Martens. I have posted about the one with the leather strap and buckle detail last June 21 and how it was not my size. Surprisingly, the seller had the sense to properly check the insole and realized that the heatstamped number was indeed the UK size.

8-Hole Doc Martens with leather strap and buckle detail - Manila, Philippines

8-Hole Doc Martens with leather strap and buckle detail

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