Leather tote project update

Almost two weeks after buying the tools and materials for my leathercraft project, here is how it looks now:

Halfway done with my project

Halfway done with my project: (clockwise) front of the bag, back of the bag with two D-rings and a triangle one, front top handle, back top handle

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The first cut is the hardest

The parts of the bag

The parts of the bag

Last Saturday night, I’ve spent several hours figuring out what my actual leather craft project would be. I thought hard and I was too afraid I’d ruin the skin that I had earnestly searched for. It did not help that looking at the hide, its odd shape just made me shudder more to think that it came from a real animal. I had to give the leather some justice. I even had to cut a pattern from paper and assemble the parts just to see if they would work once stitched up. This is where my imagination should work vividly because I cannot afford to mess up. When I finally put the cutter on top of the leather, I was careful not to make a mistake. It was a lot harder than I had originally expected because I was too paranoid. It took me until Sunday noon to finish the cutting of the parts, and when I was already done, I knew I cannot start stitching because my hands were a bit shaky from all the nervous cutting.

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DIY Leather Coloring: Bag to black

Last Friday, I asked my sister to drop by this leather supplies store in Marikina Public Market to buy a leather dye. I had a DIY project in mind, but it was so simple that it would probably not take more than ten minutes of my life to finish it. Since receiving a Bayswater from more than two years, I have only used it less than five times. As much as I love Mulberry and this Bayswater, I just can’t bring myself to lug it around each time by the handles. I wanted a nice leather strap to convert it to a messenger bag and breathe new life to it and end its eternal damnation inside the storage bin.

I was previously using a strap from another bag, but the “canvasness” of it just felt so wrong. Mulberry does not sell separate straps unlike other brands (i.e. Louis Vuitton). And even if they do, we no longer have any Mulberrys here. Rustan’s used to carry it before and I remember looking at two Elkingtons and a nylon clipper. But look at me blabbering about all of these — if there were Mulberry stores here and even if they sell straps separately, I don’t even have enough money to spare to buy one. My point was completely moot to start with. >_< LOL

Bye bye brown - Mulberry strap

Bye bye brown

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DIY project: that stubborn-as-hell dent on my leather bag

DIY Project- How to Remove Dent on a Leather Bag - BRYOLOGUE

The other day, I was quite temperamental inside BPI because I was trying to immediately pay for the bag I won on eBay. Then yesterday, I was handed out a JRS Express 3 Pounder parcel and I was very excited to open it. My bag has finally arrived!

JRS 3 Pounder pack

It was as if Christmas arrived early and I was very eager to see the bag. It was very nice and I loved it a lot. Then upon closer inspection, I just realized that something was wrong with it as there was a horrible dent in the lower right-hand corner of the flap closure. O_O

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