Oh Courier, Au Courier!

I think I reached this point where I no longer care if people may think that I’m bordering on frivolous having to love bags. Back in June 2017,did mention how being unapologetic about what I love and what I care about should not be anybody’s business. Come to think of it, this affinity for bags made quarantine surprisingly bearable.

I guess some people are really bored? On the other hand, I love that I have this certain double life going on: part humanitarian, and part fashion “writer”. Who knew?

It’s either I’m ‘big’ or the Courier still looked small lol And yeah, alcohol and mask up because COVID-19 is real!

Anyway, I had been eyeing one bag for years: a Balenciaga Courier. But I had to wait it out for years because I knew one that will not break the bank will eventually come along. And come along it did.

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Day 1: 2021

There’s no point saying I will write more (i.e. at least once a week) because that clearly did not materialize since January 5, 2020. To be fair, it lasted for two weeks before things fizzled.

My last post was a birthday post in April, the first for everyone to celebrate their birthday during a pandemic. That is for those who were lucky enough to celebrate their birthday this year. The year 2020 was our generation’s annus horribilis. A volcano eruption in January, the start of the pandemic in the Philippines in March, and the worst flooding (Ulysses) in my hometown in November since 2009. I wrote back in July 2012 that I developed trauma during heavy downpours, and it only took me a trip to work in Pampanga 2 months ago that I might have PTSD.

Bye 2020! Bleh!

While in April, there about 4,600 cases with 297 deaths in the country. As of January 1, 2020 it is now at a staggering 474,000 cases with more than 9,000 deaths. These are more than numbers. These are 474,000 people who did not see the year change to 2021 with their families.

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Après une semaine dans notre nouvel appartement

Unlike most people who have difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar places, we had no such problem in our new apartment. We took the bed like fish to water. However, we had to quickly get accustomed to new habits such as where to get our clothes laundered the cheapest, or to look for much nearer carinderias to buy our lunch from. We loved the one in South Avenue, but it was no joke going up and down five flights of stairs, and walking several blocks under the sun (and in the coming weeks, rain). It was a lovely neighborhood in general, and I always have a grand time looking outside the window to view the lights of the buildings whenever we go home at night. We also have a fair share of stray cats around, and there was a pet store four houses away from us.

Blue-eyed, white kitty of the neighborhood

Blue-eyed, white kitty of the neighborhood

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Moving on, moving out

It has been exactly half a year since Mon and I have both last eaten in Banapple.  These past few days, I could not stop thinking of their hickory smoked barbecue (the same thing I ate from there the last time) and we had a perfect reason to visit the row of restos in Tuscany, McKinley Hill (HAPPY 5Y8M!!). For the record, I have been only once to the Venice Piazza since December, and I have never set foot in Tuscany. Tagging along Faye, we walked all the way “uphill” to the Banapple branch there. I was relieved to feel that I no longer have any uneasy feelings on my chest over challenging walks. In fact, I always have a happy feeling of finally being able to go places on my feet again, as if the ordeal from months ago was just a surreal memory. Thank you Lord. =)

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