Decision fatigue and uniform dressing: I wore the same shirt for 5 days

Contrary to what you have initially thought, I was not pertaining to just one shirt.

As what I have previously expressed before June ended, it’s getting cumbersome deciding every morning. But the no-fuss, solid dark shirt for the day would have been liberating.

So last Sunday, on our routine night in SM, I took the plunge. I was looking forward to a carefree week and I could start it with a perfect black. round-neck shirt. Likewise, my ceiling price was less than Php 150.

The perfect black shirt. I’ll get five in one color!

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Bye, Bye March!

It’s Easter today and my mother was very kind enough to give me a rack for my bags. She thought my room could have a bit of organization with all of my bags in a single place. Well, it was very sweet but I still have some of my bags inside a plastic container. The rack just won’t hold up all of them. I’m in the process of selling some of them off on Ebay, together with the other things I managed to sell internationally.

My bag rack, given by my mother - Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Coach, Prada, Burberry, J. Peterman Mailbag

After lunch, I went to the Marikina Public Market to buy materials I would be needing to ship the items. I found everything perfectly fine, except for some bubble wrap. The ones I found were on a ready-made padded envelope, and I was thinking more of the ones sold per yard. I will most probably be going to National Bookstore tomorrow to buy them, before heading to the Makati Post Office.

When I got home, I was really cautious not to further wrinkle the felt cloth that I’ve bought. I managed to get two kinds of cloth: the white one for the Ebay items and the black one for my own bags. I’ve been hoping to make dust bags for some of them, because they had none when I first bought them online. I was really happy I bought my mother a sewing machine because, ahem, I would no longer have to hand sew a lot of things, which I painstakingly did for a dust bag of an extra large tote bag. =D

DIY felt cloth clothes and bag dustbag

Save for minor interruptions, I had no trouble with the Brother BM-2600 sewing machine and I was able to sew eight white felt cloth containers in just an hour. I was only able to use about half of the three yards I bought and I have honestly miscalculated because two of the garments need dust bags with the same capacity as the others. I still don’t know how they would hold up during the shipping, so I really need to buy bubble wrap to make sure they will arrive fine to the buyers. The last time I have shipped internationally, it was for two Gucci bags bound for Australia and the buyer got them within four working days. I am honestly very nervous of this new venture but I know deep inside that I have to get over my fear of international shipping if I were to successfully sell globally.

Sold items on Ebay ready for shipping tomorrow

As for the black ones, they took a much longer time to be made because I had to attach velcro to make sure they would snugly close. I only managed to make two, which were for the ‘quite sensitive’ to humidity bags. The one for the Mulberry was not perfect, but it was still acceptable; but for the Coach one, the dust bag fits like a glove. =D If I have more time next week, I will be doing more for my other bags.

DIY felt cloth dustbag for my Mulberry and Coach messenger bags

On a different note, it was bittersweet seeing the buyers send the payment to my PayPal account. A lot of them has sent payment within the day, but since I’m a new seller on, PayPal would have to hold my funds for 21 days. What does it mean to me? It means that I would have to shoulder first the shipping of all the items tomorrow and hope to the highest heavens that the buyers will like the item because I don’t want to be traumatized this early. Oh well, at least most of the items got sold and I will hopefully get a good selling history soon. Patience. Be good to me April, my birthday month! =D

Xin Nian Kuai Le! New Year’s Eve in Binondo!

We have never been to Binondo on a Chinese New Year’s Eve and we have dedicated an afternoon to visit the place today. The familiar sight and sound (and even smell) of Chinatown exploded exponentially more than the usual, and it was brimming with red and gold everywhere. I felt bad for the people driving because it was really difficult to move around, with the number of people walking and doing their shopping, as well as lion and dragon dances performed in every street, at virtually every ten minutes.

Lion dance in the streets of Binondo - Chinese New Year 2013
Enjoying the dragon dance in the streets of Binondo - Chinese New Year 2013

We were shocked of the unannounced firecrackers - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Dragon dance in the streets of Binondo - Chinese New Year 2013

When we reached the Ongpin North Bridge, we were already drenched with sweat and firecracker smoke, but it was really an awesome experience  that I did not mind. I was already wearing a white polo shirt with my red shorts, but decided last minuted before leaving the house to change to a more comfortable shirt. It was a good call because I could have looked more haggard.

Mon in front of the Ongpin North Bridge - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013
And I was wearing my red shorts - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

We’ve been itching to get our hands on the merchandise being sold, but we decided that it was better to buy them after eating our early dinner. I saw a row of stalls selling beaded bracelets, so I had a mental note to buy something later.

Bustling street  - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Red Chinese lantern  - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Reaching Waiying Fastfood was easier compared to the wait we did just to be seated. We originally waited on the first floor but Mon went upstairs and was able to get on the waiting list as the fourth person. We arrived at around 5:15 PM and it was already jampacked. When we got our table 15 minutes later, more people came in and it was mayhem. At 6:00 PM, there were people already queueing by the stairs and they get a bit snarky whenever a bunch of people came in and just seat themselves without any regard to the waiting line. It was vicious. LOL

Waiying Fastfood  - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Jampacked Waiying  - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

We ordered a mix of dishes we have not yet tried, as well as others we have always loved. Since I started eating here in Waiying with some of my friends (Johann introduced this place to me) back in 2002, I fell in love with the steamed tofu but have never changed my order of either lemon or soy chicken. But since it was Chinese New Year, I decided to try the roasted duck. I don’t have a refined palate and I can’t tell the difference between it and a roasted chicken. However, I noticed that I kept on chewing on bones and had to spit a lot every after bite. Mon, on the other hand, ordered lemon chicken and it was amazing as ever.

Roasted duck  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013Lemon chicken  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Steamed tofu  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Chicken noodles  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Vegetable dumpling  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Two glasses of yummy milk tea  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

A bunch of buchi  - Waiying, Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

They barely changed their prices as well. I can’t remember their listed prices when we were last here, but they were very reasonable as you can see from their detailed menu below:

Waiying's complete menu and price list -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Waiying's complete menu and price list 2 -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Night fell and Binondo just exploded more with lights and color. The prices of some of the things sold were lessened as well, maybe because it was already night time and the New Year was barely four hours from that time.

Night fell and the number of people just increased -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Leaving the Ongpin North Gate at night - Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

We have entered some of the stores selling figurines and lucky charms, and Mon tried to haggle on golden snakes and bracelets. In one of the stores, we were able to buy three bracelets. Two of the same kind for both Mon and I, and another one for my mother.

Lots of golden snake figurines -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

This is an adorable maneki neko  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Lucky charm bracelets' meanings  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Another Chinese lantern  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Solar-powered maneki neko  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Lucky coins decoration  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Of course, a trip to Manila’s Chinatown won’t be complete without buying soem tikoy, a glutinous rice food traditionally eaten, even by non-Chinese Filipinos during the Chinese New Year. My mother won’t forgive me for returning home without buying some tikoy, so Mon and I just bought two boxes for both of our moms. We hoped to buy from Eng Bee Tin or Salazar’s but the line on both stores were nauseatingly long that I did not mind buying from another store.

Tikoy prices at Baker's Fair  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013

Baker's Fair in Binondo  -  Chinese New Year 2013

We left Binondo at around 8:00 PM, because we have a 9:00 PM movie to catch in Gateway Mall (the Andres Muschietti-directed horror movie ‘Mama’, starring Jessica Chastain). When we first arrived in LRT2 Recto station, there were long lines stretching out to the street of people waiting to have their things inspected before entering the premises. We thought that it would be better to return back to Cubao, given the number of people taking the train.

Mon and the crowded street of Binondo at night  -  Chinese New Year 2013

When we got home, we immediately gave our loot from our Binondo trip to my mother. She was particularly happy with the red garnet one with a money pot (red garnet for divine energy; money pot for, well, money). On the other hand, Mon and I got identical bracelets of citrine and a gourd ornament (citrine for business and career; gourd for health). To be perfectly honest, I don’t  put too much importance to lucky charms or luck in general. I have long since accepted that I will never be a recipient of the luck of a draw, but the beaded bracelets look good so I’m fine with them anyway.

And we got the citrine, red garnet, gourd and money pot  -  Binondo, Chinese New Year 2013 A bunch of beaded bracelets - Chinese New Year 2013

So, the year of the Water Snake offficially starts in a few minutes, huh? I might not particularly love snakes, given my great fear of them, but I hope the year ahead will bring me a good career, a thriving business and an excellent health (pretty much what the bracelet in the middle stands for). LOL


Winter in Seoul – Day 4: Lotte World and leaving Seoul

*extremely picture-heavy post

It has been three weeks since I last wrote a post regarding our trip to Seoul, and it did not help that this post concerned two things that made me unenthusiastic: Lotte World and leaving South Korea. From Simone Handbag Museum, we took the traingfrom Sinsa Station going to Jamsil station, which is connected directly to Lotte World.

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement at Sinsa Station

BK Hospital plastic surgery advertisement in Sinsa Station 2

Another plastic surgery advertisement


Fountain with people sitting around it - Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Fountain with people sitting around it


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