La Vie Bohème

We  saw Mockingjay Part 1 last Sunday and on our way home, I finally got up close the display window of Rustan’s Makati.

Christmas 2014 display window of Rustan's Makati

Christmas 2014 display window of Rustan’s Makati

They undoubtedly have the best windows and they periodically change them after a couple of months. However, they always reserve the best decoration for December. This year, it looked like an enchanted winter forest that is very Tim Walker (a.k.a. Mr. Fairy Tale Fantasy) meets Narnia. Of course, Tim Walker is well-known for photographing very whimsical spreads and campaigns. However, what I do not like about these was the fact that you can no longer see the clothes. The branches by the glass were too busy or had they reduced the sides for about a foot each, it would have been much better. I still get envious of all the Ayala Avenue people because they have better Christmas decorations, compared to the bleak and sparsely decorated area of McKinley Hill. Do they know it’s Christmas? LOL Yes, I’m really claiming the Holiday Season this year, and I’m as giddy as my niece Brianna seeing glittering decors and blinking Christmas lights.

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I got the book I wanted!

The BookSale in UP Diliman did not have a world history textbook, which was quite a letdown because they have one of the best selections of foreign language literature books. But the BookSale in Cityland near our workplace had a hardbound world history textbook for sale. It was sold at Php 415, though, and I debated for a few minutes whether to buy it or not but a brand new book definitely costs more than Php 2,000 and photocopying an entire book from the library will cost me about the same as the secondhand one — that is if I can borrow one because I’m no longer enrolled, thus can’t borrow from the library.

A bunch of foreign language books in BookSale

So, I gave in and bought the book. I now have my own copy of Comprehensive World History – Fourth Edition. I even asked if I can have a discount but was told that it was originally tagged at Php 1000. Yikes. I also found a Complete Idiot’s Guide to American Government for only Php 45! I had no idea why I bought this book but I thought that I will have a good use for it in the future. LOL

Comprehensive World History Fourth Edition and Complete Idiot's Guide to American Government

I also had to notarize an application form and I first thought of getting it done in Marikina. But Mon mentioned that there were was a row of notary publics behind Makati Medical Center, just past McDonald’s in the Aegis Peoplesupport building. We walked to the area from our office and entered the first one, near the short bridge over the creek.

Notary Public behind Makati Medical Center

I presented my application form to the lady in the counter, and she asked me for a government-issued ID. I always have my Voter’s ID with me, but when she noticed the form, she suggested I present my passport. I did not have it with me but I recall having a spare photocopy of the first page containing my personal information in the office. I just asked Mon to wait for me in the Notary Public and I then walked back to our office and feverishly searched for that important piece of paper. When I at last found it, I ran back to the Notary Public. Done, all done! And best of all, I only paid Php 50 for the notarization fee! Bless this place!

ETA: 25 October 2017

This place above, as far as a I know, no longer exists. LOL But as this posts gets viewed a lot, let me recommend another notary public in Makati around the area. If you know Rodic’s in Salcedo Street, Makati (which, by the way, will close at the end of October 2017), the notary public was about 2-3 stalls to its right.

This is near Salcedo Street corner Rufino Street along the same side of Watsons and Slimmers World — practically walking distance from Makati Medical Center. It cost me less than Php 100.

Well, I’ll  just put a map here. Easier to follow, right?