Remembering Miriam

It will never be easy to say goodbye. On my 32nd birthday during the Holy Week, we had decided to finally put one of our dog’s to sleep.

Miriam was a shy but confident dog. But in the last weeks, her health was deteriorating quickly and no amount of medicine could stop it. She had developed renal failure.

I remember crying hard when I last approached her before I left for Makati that last weekend. On the car leaving the house, my nephew said that Miriam still managed to get up and peek through her place.

One last goodbye

Then on Wednesday, the 18th of April, Miriam was finally put to rest. It was a very difficult moment for us, especially for Mama. She took care of our dog, and was so upset for days. But we did what we had to do, and give Miriam the dignity by putting her out of her misery.

The same Saturday, we dropped by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Katipunan, Quezon City, to pay our respects to Miriam. She was immediately buried there, after coming from the veterinarian. Mama even arranged this plant to put on Miriam’s grave.

Plants on Miriam’s grave

We also brought dog and cat food as donation to PAWS. There were a couple of people waiting outside the veterinary area, waiting for their pets to come out.

We were also given a tour of the premises (I sound so much like work), to see where they keep the dogs, cats, and kittens. It is a well-organized facility, run by several volunteers. I commend them for doing this work, and all we could do is support them with this cause.

A tour around PAWS in Katipunan

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Meanwhile, I could not tell if pets could also feel grief. They say that Miso has been looking in corners where Miriam used to stay. At time she would be meowing, as if calling. On the other hand, Sophie, Miriam’s mother, has not been eating a lot these past few days as well. They said that they put the mother and daughter together, before they drove off to the veterinary clinic.

Chubby Miso

Seeing eye-to-eye with Sophie

Again, it will never be easy for all of us. And maybe Sophie and Miso also felt the absence of one of our furry family member. But such is the fact of life, that we would have to learn how to cope with the inevitable.

It still pains us, especially Mama. I, along with the others, usually say our hellos to Miriam whenever we pass by her grave in Katipunan.


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