Pink Friday!

I remember André Leon Talley talking about a bleak week in The September Issue, and that completely describes this week I just had. I had been running around from place to place from Monday and I did not even bother (or I did not even had the time) to just stop and put on something happy.

But today, it’s Friday! And since I just watched my guilty pleasure White Chicks for the umpteenth time, I wanted to wear my one and only pink shirt inside my wardrobe! Pink just reminds me of how hilarious the Wayan brothers were in that movie! Very happy and gay!

Pink Paul Smith Polo Shirt, Jag Skinny Jeans, White Nike AirForce One, Louis_Vuitton Saumur 35 - Manila, Philippines

I especially loved the flower details in the linen back. Makes me wanna think that it’s still summer in July. I never got the chance to use my Saumur 35 for a long time and it has been hanging by my wall for weeks (or even months) already! The greatest surprise was this pair of jeans. It was a size 31 I have deluded myself to buy last year. I have only worn it ONCE before and sat inside my closet until today. It only means one thing: I lost some weight. O_O

Pink Paul Smith oolo shirt details - Manila, Philippines

Also, after looking at the animal prints from tPF, I just realized that that closest thing I have to one is just a pair of socks. So I might as well use it. And hopefully in the coming days, I may be able to get a nice animal print top to wear on casual Fridays. But for now, I’ll just settle for this pink one.Tiger stripes socks!


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