Pets and decisions

When I woke up early today, it took me a while to realize what happened the day before and why it was hanging over my head. Then, after a few blinks and a yawn, I recalled finally deciding on something very life-changing — I have accepted the offer to work in a humanitarian organization.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons and they were numerically near each other . However, considering the emotional weight attributed to the pros made me realize how much I really yearn to gain experience in the field. I have downloaded several books concerning the work to brush up on my knowledge and I was happy to have that “giddy feeling of excitement”.

New pet in the house! Our new kitty, Miso!

Sure enough, there will be a difficult adjustment phase, but I really know I’ll figure something out to make everybody concerned happy. I am now going to work as a Development Officer in a Philippine-based NGO dealing on people affected by conflict and disaster in Southeast Asia. =D I just hope my family will be proud of my decision and it will take a lot of explaining to achieve that.

My niece and nephew with Miso

Last Friday, Mon, Lot and Lay went to my simple birthday celebration at home, and brought with them someone I look forward to meeting. A day-shy of turning two months, Miso was finally given to us to take care of.

It took her a couple of minutes to warm up to the idea that she would be living with a new family, but I look at that willingness to play right off the bat as a sign of acceptance. If I will be working in Pasay, there’s a great possibility that I will be moving out of the house before June so I’m also contemplating over taking Miso with me. I still don’t know about that.

Sophie five years ago (L) and today (R)

And finally, this day marks the fifth birthday of our beloved dog, Sophie! She was born in April 16, 2008 and was given to us four months later. The picture on the left was taken on August 16, 2008 when she eventually found herself to our house and that time, she was still growling at anybody who approached her. She had also loved getting her pictures taken, unlike today when she is already refusing to look at the camera. LOL

I’m having problems with the dogs and Miso, though. I was initally worried about them getting along, but I was optimistic that they will eventually find a common ground weeks or days from now. When we still have our dogs, Rasha and Kimmy (R.I.P. my loves), they had no problem co-existing with the stray Moja (R.I.P. as well) I have adopted. I know I have a picture of them kept somewhere but they used to be really good sleeping buddies. Maybe if things work out among our pets before June, I would no longer taking Miso away with me.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted anything style-related recently. Maybe there will be a change in the theme of my posts, granted that I will be embarking on a new role in the near future. But hopefully, I would still be able to stay true myself, and keep some things intact in the process.


I just heard of the news that compre exams results were released today. It was a bittersweet moment because even if I’m happy that most of them passed and will be attending the recognition


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