Once A Week: First Post for 2020

Once a week. This is the number of times I should post per week. It could be more than one, but I am pegging it low. Sustainable? Perhaps not. Nevertheless, I’ll give it my best shot. Hey, if I manage to do it, I have 52 posts at the end of 2020, without resorting to a mega post on December 31.

Yesterday, I brought a new planner from National Bookstore for 2020. It was tabula rasa i.e. I had to write the days and months down. For those who know, I have been a regular planner user since 2007. I delved once into those Starbucks planner (in 2008 to be exact). However, I just felt it was not for me. I never even managed to use that.

Blogception: the first post of the year on the screen, and the last page of the planner with things I intend to do for the year.

Thus, year after year, I just buy one from the bookstore. I bought a vintage LV agenda cover from Ebay back in 2017, and fill it with a generic planner. I think this is a Japanese release since the cover flips from left to right. But, who cares?

You might even see from the post-its above the remaining units I must take to finish again graduate school. I have 10 more units of coursework plus 6 more units for thesis. As mentioned in my year-end entry, I took 6 units last semester, only to drop the 3 units.

I have to take that dropped class again. Frankly speaking, I could have just went on and get a passing grade. I already finished 2/3 of the class. However, I recall that the primary motivation I went back, recalling my January 2017 entry, was to do things correctly. No pressure, no rush. Just do things correctly.

At one point, I even asked myself if I was turning into those students we might mockingly call GC or grade conscious. Probably yes. I already reached my just-cruising-through quota during undergrad, and to some extent, during my first graduate degree. So why repeat the same shitfest? Why even bother doing it if I will sort of suck for the third time? Honor and excellence, baby.

Ready for 2020’s first work week

It will be a very busy January for us at work. Based from experience, virtually nothing happens during December. It is a dead month, especially if one were to coordinate externally.

I joined an international humanitarian organization setting up its presence in the Philippines in November 2015. I still am nervous and excited. Nervous because it’s like having a start-up again; excited because of the prospect of being back in this field, which I always loved.

For 2020, we have our eyes set on Quezon City and Pampanga for various reasons. It’s either I am at home or working in the field. Our head is very optimistic, but the worrywart that I am sometimes think that we have our work cut out for us.

Worrywart. I’d like to think that over the years this trait has mellowed down!

To end on a lighter note, I was finally able to do a low carb “crust” for our keto lasagna. In the last few months, I have been using blanched cabbage as a pasta replacement. I personally grew tired of the taste, so I had to look for other alternatives.

Low carb cheese crust for this lasagna

A quick Google search yielded for these low carb cheese sticks, which you can even dip on marinara sauce. All it took for me to make this alternative were 2 eggs, 1/4 block of Ques-O cheese, and a teaspoon of chili flakes. It cooked nicely in the oven, giving this flatbread-ish texture.

It paired perfectly with the beef, mozzarella and cheddar! It tastes really good, giving me ideas for my next made-from-scratch pizza!

On the other hand, I now begin to wonder what my lunch will be at work. It was a challenge to get decent food, that my team grew tired asking if I were to eat the same chicken breast with veggies again. But, do note that I finally managed to make a low carb bread using yeast!

I still have a couple of months to prepare for summer. *winks* LOL


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