Oh Dear 2NE1 in 2021

A KPop post! The last time I wrote something on this topic was in 2014 for 2NE1’s concert here in Manila.

I was supposed to re-read an intro to International Relations, but the pull of YouTube was just too much. One thing led to another and, poof, it became Koko Krunch! Not to mention I was really enjoying this 2-week old bluetooth headphones that Mon gave me last Christmas.

Seriously speaking, somehow YouTube’s algorithm knows I am to open something KPop again. Here’s the thing, I’ve been MIA in the KPop scene as of late. I was still as bitter as mid-2014 when Bom’s drug scandal was overblown by the netizens and I knew that it would entail a lot of damage control for YG to address that issue. But despite best efforts (or not!), it was an inevitable outcome they would disband.

Me, randomly watching 2NE1’s 2015 MAMA performance at 2 am. Look at what was also posted on the wall. đŸ™‚

When Bom eventually released new material in, well, the spring of 2019, I bought the whole thing from iTunes. No illegal downloading whatsoever. That was how excited I was.

But in the middle of quarantine, with a lot of people stuck at home (rabid KPop fans included), 2NE1 trended several times. There was still yearning for the group from loyal fans (read: count me there), what they are up to, and what music they will be releasing. That surprise MAMA 2015 was still the stuff of KPop legends, and it was BAD ASS until this day. #FightMe (Minzy and CL also released music in 2020!)

I could say that I may have lost interest in KPop. But one interesting thing that happened this pandemic was I was forced to listen to these new groups/songs, being at home with Mon playing all of these for months.

So I finally gave in.

Look at my Top 2020 songs on Spotify. LOL

Another thing that caught me off guard was there was already some sort of generational classification of KPop acts. Damn, that made me feel O-L-D. According to that list, I somehow start with the second generation, with full-blown “into it” on the 2.5 generation (yes, there’s a half generation, like huh?).

I thought I missed a lot but it appears not to be the case. I did ignore BLACKPINK’s debut (despite/especially me always associating BOOMBAYAH with the lost 10,000 KRW at Bearstown Ski Resort in December 2016), but, in a way, eventually giving in with my ultimate treadmill song ‘As If It’s Your Last’ in 2017 because that song had a sick choreography.

So we are getting there, keeping an open mind that, despite the need to listen to these songs from the height of my KPop obsession, if you can even call that, I have to recognize that times are changing. I even gave BTS a chance, imagine that.

It always takes ONE song, not even a video, but just one song for me to give an act a chance.

I am also recently obsessed with Jessi, as she is so hilarious! I binge-watched her Showterview episodes, especially the one with Tiffany from SNSD. One thing that I love about her was the IDGAF attitude. She was tanned, all pumped up (come on, she is), but with great pipes though aside from the rapping skills.

I still draw the line somewhere, though. The number of acts out there are just too much. The geriatric KPop-dedicated section in my brain can no longer handle memorizing names and faces. But let’s see. After a couple of years rejecting some of these post 2.5 generation acts, look who finally gave in.



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