Oh Courier, Au Courier!

I think I reached this point where I no longer care if people may think that I’m bordering on frivolous having to love bags. Back in June 2017,did mention how being unapologetic about what I love and what I care about should not be anybody’s business. Come to think of it, this affinity for bags made quarantine surprisingly bearable.

I guess some people are really bored? On the other hand, I love that I have this certain double life going on: part humanitarian, and part fashion “writer”. Who knew?

It’s either I’m ‘big’ or the Courier still looked small lol And yeah, alcohol and mask up because COVID-19 is real!

Anyway, I had been eyeing one bag for years: a Balenciaga Courier. But I had to wait it out for years because I knew one that will not break the bank will eventually come along. And come along it did.

I saw this for sale online about two months after the start of the quarantine. The seller was not posting too many photos, and not to mention there was no feedback. Nobody, however, was biting the bullet, perhaps except for me who had been messaging him intermittently. Nevertheless, before December ended, I gave in. It was my only second Balenciaga bag, with the Balenciaga Day Messenger having the same silhouette, although smaller.

Even empty, it was still a bit hefty. But not as heavy as the Alexander Wang Diego which, even with nothing inside, weighs like a baby elephant. One of its tassel zipper pull was missing, but the pocket mirror/cardholder was still included. We can’t have it all, then.

The cat is in the (Balenciaga) Bag

Out of all bags I have, Yue seems to love getting inside it. I am not sure if it smells like catnip or other cat-hallucinogens to her, but she is crazy with it. I even saw two shallow claw marks near the big zipper opening. The seller fortunately included a dustbag with it so it always goes in inside whenever this is not in use. But that won’t stop Yue from taking a nap on it at every chance she can get.

Supermarket realness

Here’s the thing, I seldom dress up now. Yeah, quarantine/the pandemic is one thing, but I really no longer see the point. Granted that I had been working from home for almost 10 months now, but even when with the occasional field visits, I had to wear just a pair of jeans, sneakers, and the org’s shirt. It was only the bag that changes. Heck, I even change bags even when going to the wet market (although nothing flashy, of course). I don’t think I am being extra. I just wanted to air them out.

When we moved to another apartment, I separated all my former office clothes ‘uniform’ that I wore. It a bunch of white Uniqlo short sleeves Chinese collar shirts, other white button-down shirts, and black pants. That was a business school. I started dressing as such since February 2019 as we needed to look dressy.


On the other hand, as you can see in the very first photo above, it’s just a plain black shirt as my go-to attire. A pair of shorts or  jeans and I’m good to go. Interesting that it was the same set of 5 black shirts I bought back in August 2017! Yep, that was my blusang itim because I love how soft it eventually became through time. I’ll even wear it to sleep if I can.

When I transitioned to the development sector again, I also wore these black shirts everyday before quarantine. Funnily, it’s also the same shirt I wear whenever I need to attend conference calls during these months of working from home and I had to open to camera. And I will not add any other details to it.

I guess that’s just white, and black, and a touch of red (because it is mandatory), then? I need to start selling my clothes now because most of these are not seeing the light of the day already. I may have to set aside some key items which I may be able to use overseas i.e. if ever travel is imminent to South Korea again. All these KDramas are not helpful at all.

On the other hand, we have no time to be putting ourselves in quarantine for 14-days, only to spend less than a week there. That’ll be a complete waste of time.

But look at me rambling about this. It is still a pandemic, and travel for leisure should be the least of worries of people. Hoping still the numbers do not go up, and that the vaccines will eventually be rolled out in the Philippines. Until then, we have to wait it out.



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